Trash and Destruction Left Behind by Muslim "Refugee's.

Look at the Trash and Destruction Left Behind Muslim "Refugees" 


As I look at photos posted by witnesses at the Italian/Austrian border, Serbian/Hungarian border, and various train stations around Europe, I am wondering who is going to clean the mountains of trash left behind for miles and miles, as far as the eye can see, by the "refugees" from the Middle East.

 "Why has everyone, from everywhere and all at once, decided to start heading towards Europe, five years into the Syrian civil war? This must be a manufactured mass migration."

It is not what the refugees used on their journey, but what they left behind unused – discarded Red Cross packaged water, crates of peaches, untouched packaged food, unopened baby diapers, brand new strollers, car seats, toys, and other necessities for someone traveling with a baby. Since these items were left behind, it is obvious that there were no babies among them.

Videos are coming in from various regions showing Muslim men fighting, throwing rocks and chairs at each other, breaking windows, throwing feces, bloodying each other's noses in vicious fights, Shia fighting the Sunnis, the same centuries old senseless religious tribal animosity and hatred.

Refugees have taken over Greek Islands, turning them into a gang-like war zone. Greeks are afraid, hiding in their homes, unable to go to work, or to take their children to school. There is no respect for private property and there is no civilized propriety. They are burning cars and flags, throwing feces at passing cars and at people unfortunate enough to be in the way.

A witness at the Italian Austrian border, a Polish travel blog writer, describes circumstances of horror. "This huge mass of people, but these are absolute savages … Vulgar, throwing bottles, shouting loudly, 'We want Germany.'… But is Germany a paradise now?"

"I saw how they surrounded a car of an elderly Italian woman, pulled her by her hair out of the car and wanted to drive away in the car. They tried to overturn the bus in which I traveled myself with a group of others. They were throwing feces at us, banging on the doors to force the driver to open them, spat at the windshield. How is this savagery to assimilate in Germany? The bus is now damaged, covered with feces, scratched, with broken windows." His group had to travel with Italian police escort from then on. He described the entire area as a war zone.

Should we not be compassionate to our fellow Muslims who, by no fault of their own, are invading Europe, fleeing a civil war in Syria? Since they are mostly young men 20-30 years old, would it not make sense that they stayed with their families and fought for their country, protecting their wives, children, and the elderly? Why trek 4,000 km to another continent whose culture they hate and despise, instead of going to the nearby rich Arab and Muslim countries that could have given them familiar shelter and religious accommodations?

Saudi Arabia promised Germany that they would build a mosque for every 100 refugees they take in. Why? Are they trying to colonize Europe with Islam? Why not take these refugees into Saudi Arabia?

As the blogger said, even though he felt subconscious compassion, he was glad the refugees did not choose Poland as their destination. "Poles are not prepared to accept these people culturally or financially."

Why would refugees seek Germany and Sweden? The Poland MEP, Janusz Koran-Mekka of the conservative-liberal party, shed some light during his recent speech at the EU.

"Poland does not have a problem with immigrants. Poland has a problem with immigrants, who under the absurd Dublin regime (the Dublin Regulation), are being forced to stay at concentration camps although they want to escape from Poland to Germany, Austria, and other EU countries. Why? Because Poland has significantly lower social benefits. If we were to abolish social benefits, there wouldn't be any people coming to Poland and Europe just to live off of handouts. People willing to work are valuable, but they are being sent back to their countries and we take in those unwilling to work. This is a ridiculous policy that results in Europe being flooded with human garbage. Let's state this clearly: human garbage that does not want to work. America built its power because it took in immigrants willing to work and it does not give any handouts. We are ruining Europe and this policy is the cause of the downfall of Europe."

The Polish MEP is wrong that America is not taking in immigrants that are unwilling to work. We have our share of them on welfare rolls as soon as they get here. There are legal immigrants who are still waiting for the resolution of their cases but southern border illegal jumpers get red carpet treatment at the welfare trough. Social Security offices are jam-packed with illegals, who do not speak English and have no intention of assimilating into our culture.

Angela Tocila, another European blogger, made some interesting points in her September 9, 2015 post. I translate ad litteram or paraphrase parts of her eloquent essay. We all learned to share as kids and to be compassionate. We remember the UNICEF ads begging for a few dollars to feed the starving children of Africa yet they are still dying of hunger.

Most people volunteer because they are Christians and want to help their fellow humans. Liberals volunteer because they are enamored with primitive cultures they view as superior and exploited by evil white men. But Angela Tocila sees the new wave of European volunteerism to take in Syrian refugees as a new wave of "flower power."

These "flower power" liberals are "pointing fingers and accusing that we are not in solidarity with the downtrodden on a blind quest with a fixed destination, Germany or nothing. Germany or I am going to throw my wife and child on the train tracks, Germany or death. The "flower power" ilk forces me to respond if I want to take in a family of refugees in my own home, in the name of human solidarity; they are trying to blackmail me into a sentimental guilt trip that I am not sensitive to, and I answer NO."

She would not take in refugees because she does not have any duty or responsibility towards them. "That does not mean that I am insensitive to the drama of many, to the images of drowned kids whose dads survived miraculously while trying to save their kids. I am not insensitive to the male invasion who uses their women and children as shields, place them on train tracks or throw them through a fence." I loathe people who do not bathe, who demand that I cover my arms and legs in their presence, for fear that I might offend their religious obsessions, who would treat me in my own home as half a human being or less. I don't want to feel obligated to find a shepherd to buy a sheep because I eat pork, beef, beans with smoked pork, or stuffed cabbage with pork." If you stay in my house, you must eat what I eat. I don't want to enter into a conflict with a male who treats his wife like a rag, while trying to explain to him that she is just as much of a human being as he is. I am agnostic and I would not want to create a prayer space in my own home and to respect a religious ritual foreign to me and to my culture. I would not want to become the victim of the conflict between the Shia family in my home and the Sunni family in my neighbor's home. Last but not least, I would not take in a refugee family in my home when the conflict was caused by those who finance it and are responsible, the military industrial complex." But the most compelling argument was, "I don't want to wake up one morning with my throat slashed because I might be Christian."

The liberal do-gooders have moved from adopting starving African children to oppressed Afghani women and girls, to stopping the Darfur genocide caused by Muslims, to now adopting a refugee family from Syria. And the world's problems seem to get worse while liberals are mum about the slaughter of Christians and Yezidis by ISIS.


Liberal humanitarians will try to run cover and explain benignly why 1,500 Muslims chanting Alahu Akbar, throwing rocks and bottles at police, are rioting at the closed Roszke-Horkos border crossing from Serbia into Hungary. Hungarian police fired tear gas and water cannons at the refugees as they broke through the make-shift fence.

Germany and the EU are receiving a massive onslaught of militant multi-culturalism which they are ill-prepared to handle. Decades of European multi-culturalism has already been a substantial failure.



The 4-0

As I turn 40 next week,  I wonder what happened to all the years that have passed on by. As I reminiscence on the past, I must admit being in my 20s was the best and not.

I was a risk taker of all sorts, I had lots and lots of fun, I've traveled to so many places, I had no fears, I slept with so many people (by the way, I am not ashamed to admit, I was a self proclaimed slut (my apartment in downtown Toronto has seen more action that the bathhouse down the street (ok, a bit of an exaggeration), I was an attention seeker for the wrong reasons, I was known as 'SexyCanadianLeo' on the internet, now I could go by 'ZzzzCanadianLeoYawn'. (I've since then retired that nick name. Back then it worked, not so much now). I partied every weekend..and in between. And I made so many wrong choices.

The things I got away with in my 20s, the youth, I was able to do things and be annoying without caring because I was in my 20s, the looks and the chutzpah. I had a full set of hair!! But all that is not who I am today, including the full set of hair, sadly, I should also retire using the name Joey. Joey was a different person back then. Very messed up. I was a hot mess. Not who I am today...Joseph seems too nerdy and a loner...which I've turned into. I guess Joseph it is.

Not who I am I am outright boring, I live like a monk and I lay low, very low, perhaps it's depression, who knows, really I'm done with the psycho-analysis I am what I am. I think I should join the Monk Club, like go get certified as a monk, I live the lifestyle of one already, I'll PASS the Monk test. I eat extremely healthy (boring and depressing), I have no vices, no seriously no vices (I don't drink, I don't smoke, but my gawd the farts after I eat broccoli and cauliflower, it is what it is, it's something I keep sacred but for the purposes of this blog I will just let it all pun intended).

Everything is on routine now, at the same time. I drink my Matcha Green Tea and coffee's at the same times every fuckin day like an old English woman. How fuckin boring and anal is that (I won't get into the subject of anal, no anal here). I take my dogs out the same time everyday. I was never like that...nevvvvver. I just did whenever whatever.

I used to wear fun tight t-shirts that said 'Canadians Kick Ass', now I wear button down shirts, and that's just recent, so I learned to finally dress better. It works great with camouflaging the muffin top that I have, and the muffin top is not from my turning 40, it's not because I popped out kids because obviously I don't have the tubes, but it's because I was a fat kid. Yes..sigh...I planned to have a tummy tuck, and still want to but I'm scared I will be that odd statistic of death on the table). But really, who wants to have a little low hanging bulge as they get older (I meant stomach bulge not a low hanging old man's bulge, I heard that happens when men turn 50 or 60)? It (the hanging stomach) will look worse as I age..ewww..what am I going to say when someone puts their hands on my belly "Nooooo...please don't's my pouch where I store food" ???

As I get older I now have to work out almost every day. My metabolism said BYE BYE, BIACH!  BUT I started to do weights 3 months ago, something I was against before this 4-0 hit me. The arms don't want to get any bigger. I could just hire a personal trainer but then I will start fantasizing of something sexual, well depends who's training, fuck who am I kidding, any guy will do....maybe.  Maybe if I get laid regularly I wouldn't have to succumb to that. Speaking of which, I don't get laid, by choice, which is sooo stupid because I still have some looks left. Not all, but s o m e.  At the age of 4-0 I don't want to feel like a used up rag doll like how I did when I slept around in my 20s. And I don't drink alcohol like I did in my 20s, so my inhibitions are intact.

I am so self aware now too. I walk around as if there's a butt plug...dildo up my ass..yes..all of the above. I know that. And I stop myself at times and try hard to turn that frown upside down. And when I do, I notice I get better results when I don't look so constipated. Like who wants to look constipated all the time? I know I don't. People are more accommodating when I don't look constipated, as if I am a model or something. See. I am so self aware now. Self aware saves the world.

I used to dance in my room...not anymore...

I used to sing out loud in my car...not anymore...

What has happened to me?  What?????? I'm acting like as if I'm 90 and my time is up. I bet 90 year old's live their lives fuller, I bet they even get laid with their friend down the hall in the retirement homes.

And here I am turning 40 acting like I am 110.

From one extreme to another. That's WACKED!

As the 40th Anniversary of life approaches it was time to look back and revisit my childhood, before I went to visit my parents yesterday afternoon in the scorching hot weather, I stopped at the public school I went to in the so many years ago... in the 1980s, Rockford Public School. I've not seen or been there since the time, I took a brief walk with my dogs to the back of the school. And I stood there and everything flashed before me. I have very vivid memories of my childhood which for some reason comes and goes more often then I want it to. I remembered where I was playing..where I banged my head against the garbage can and had to get stitches. The building obviously shows it's age.

I stood there and just looked around. Everything looked so much more smaller then it did when I was a kid, I am certain the earth shrunk because it was bigger back then. I guess now I know how dogs feel being so close to the ground. The sandboxes..gone. The rocket spaceship we climbed on...gone. The tree's look the same. I wanted to wave at the tree's (since no one else was there) and say "hey it's me that chubby kid, I went to this school 30 years ago'. We had endurance competitions back then, doesn't look like they kept that in the curriculum. Sigh..the 1980s (LOVED it in the 1980s)..the song 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' by Cyndi Lauper just became a hit. In the classrooms we watched movies and programs on those big film projectors. And to make money for after school trips and other activities we sold long plastic key chains that people can custom make with any words they wanted engraved on it. Imagine carrying that today? A long plastic key chain with words on it. I loved seeing my name on it, if men carried it in their pockets it would give them that instant bulge affect. My name anywhere would of been good. 

You see, I was one of those unique little chubby kid, I wanted to do the school morning announcements, but never got to, other school kids volunteered, I was just never chosen, and I"M STILL NOT OVER IT!! For some reason I wanted to hear my name over the PA system, like "Joseph David get to the office or something... and I did..I never made it home. my parents didn't come pick me up after school, they called up the school and told them to send me home. "Let's hope he got lost and found a new family" I wanted to be recognized or wanted to feel like I meant something with the announcement PA thing. "If little Joseph David is still in school go home, little Joseph David please go home."

YESSSS!! MY NAME WAS HEARD on the PA system!! I should go  back  there one day 30 years later and grab the microphone and say "It's MY TURN NOW DO THE ANNOUNCEMENTS, 30 YEARS LATER!!! MY TURN!!!

Everything went downhill when on Halloween my mother thought it would be a great idea to dress me as an old lady, the whole works with make-up and a grey old woman's coloured wig and told me to walk to school. "It's okay sweetie, walk to school, no one will know the difference, I dressed you up so well they will think you're an old lady."

The school revisit, I tend to be dramatic at times during these situations, I tend to think of it like the movies like when they show a scene 30 years earlier and then the present. Today I felt like I was in that scene, or what celebrities do, take a camera crew with them to their childhood neighbourhood, but I had no camera crew nor am I a celebrity. But for me the memories of 30 years ago is is fresh in my mind. 

So I asked myself what does one do to celebrate the milestone?  Travel somewhere? or maybe do my tummy tuck (there's more to it then waking up one day and saying I want it done). For some reason I have that need to do something. It's the big 4-0!!!! I'm gonna stand in the corner here and sell my ass maybe. Just call me Joey from the Block.

There is so much more to see and do, and I need to know what a relationship is about. YES at the age of 40, I've never been in one. I'm the 40 year Old Relationship Virgin. It's not I am not emotionally stable, otherwise I would of been in and out of relationships, it's just I don't put myself out there to meet the right people. Looking in all the wrong places, like Grindr. "hey do you want to fuck?: NO! I am not a RAG DOLL FUCK OFF! And their response "Dude, it's Grindr"....yes I know, I am here to get married.

Maybe my "partner in crime" should be the person I once was, I need to bring that part out of me. It's no wonder there are older guys with the younger one's perhaps it's their way of being young at heart. I need to bring that back, kinda like bringing sexy back.

Joey, where are you?

If I can pick one theme song of my life so far it would be OneRepublic's 'I've Lived'.  One thing I plan to do as I turn 40 is to have a open heart and let more people in. Go out there and live more like I did in my 20s.

As the 39th year comes to a close and year 40 around the corner, I chose to answer OneRepublic's call and when the sun goes down on my birthday, I will raise my glass and own every second that this world had to give me. I saw many places and did many things. With every broken bone, I swear I lived.





How a review of a gay cruise went wrong..

Last year I went on a gay cruise, the experience is somewhere on my website.

Recently, I revisited that experience and posted it on the Facebook Group page for the new Gay cruise that's happening next month in August.

After posting my experience of a gay cruise on the Facebook Group page for the new cruise that's happening next month in August, here's the backlash to simply being blunt and honest about what I've experienced.

Someone actually copied my Facebook pics and tried..TRIED to mock me, which I couldn't understand why, they're actually my best pics that got me hook ups. He obviously didn't accomplish anything there.

All this gave me a better understand to why I've got such a negative attitude towards some gays? And which is why perhaps I shouldn't of went on the cruise to begin with.

Only towards the end someone steps in to defend..


Well, you see, I went on last years cruise in August. And after going on that one I've concluded that it was a rip off. Why? well, because the entertainment, or lack of was horrible. The cruise is slightly higher in price than other cruises. There is no option to buy a alcoholic beverage package like other cruises. And if you drink alcohol your bill will end up to be $600 plus at the end not including excursions.
The excursions are only good if you want a really good history lesson of the places you're visiting, because the tour guide goes through each attraction/landmark/site very slowly stopping at each one for 1/2 hour, which at times can put you to sleep. You just want to scream out "GIVE ME THE COLES NOTES (Canadian version of condensed version of a book) VERSION".
I have to say, because I am a very picky eater, healthy, the food on the cruise was very good and the staff was very attentive except for the excursions desk who knew ZERO about anything.
Unless you're really flamboyant and really out there that makes you feel uncomfortable to be among straight people, any typical cruise will be a better option and money worth.
And like high school with valley girls of such, the gays on the cruise hang in clicks (their inner groups), meaning around the people they know, I was expecting more friendliness other than times when people were drunk. When I went on the excursions, most of the times people weren't conversing with others. When I am with friends we talk to everyone. But don't get me wrong I met very friendly guys, 5 or 6 of them. And a couple who I still keep in contact with at times on Facebook. They even invited me to that special restaurant called 'Blu', place to eat for the higher ups. off...cough.
I don't mean to piss on anyone's corn flakes with my story.
If you're going to be sharing your cabin with a stranger, I cannot emphasis enough that you should get to know the person your sharing with way before you depart, you don't want a disrespectful, inconsiderate twit in the same room as you like I had. It was my 1st cruise, so I didn't know better. No one on here (a separate Facebook group) advised me to that, you'd assume you would get good advice from past cruisers. if you're doing this alone, I recommend you not, and to do it with someone else if you can. My excuse at the time is that I couldn't get someone who was willing to pay $4000 plus to come along with me which is why I went alone.
Oh, I am not all negative, the beds were very comfortable...unless your new found "friend" cabin mate doesn't bring someone to the cabin and shares their bed beside you, and if you're lucky you'll hear slurping sounds at night when they walk in at 4am. Maybe they wanted a 3 come, only if they were my type, but far from it. "Joey wake up, he's blowing me off, join us." Thankfully, I didn't hear that. Maybe the slurping sounds was some sort of hidden signal.
I complained to Atlantis 'Guest Relations' while on the cruise, their solution was to share with someone else or give me an inside cabin. Which would mean I would of had to give that twit the whole room to himself, and I didn't want to be that generous.
You would have a great time if you love to drink, rack up your bill and party. I was told before before I left on mine last year "Nah, the cruise is not like that".
Surprise IT IS.
But go experience it for your own.


Comments left in response by other gays;

David Delderfield If you don't like it then why are you even on this site. Go be negative somewhere else please. I, like many other people, have enjoyed my previous Med cruises and] will continue to do so.
7 hrs · Like · 25

Shawn Covington Right.
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Joey David It's not being negative it's being factual about my experience. I am not one to be pretentious and say "It was fabulous!, just so I won't stand out. People are afraid to speak their mind, I am not one of those people. It's not for everyone. Everyone is...See More
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Chris Schmidt Joey- I'm not sure this is the place for this comment. Perhaps the general Atlantis page would be better. I'm sorry the Med cruise didn't work for you. Maybe the Caribbean would be a better fit if you decide to try gay cruising again.

7 hrs · Like · 3
Shawn Covington We made friends we have had for years on Atlantis and RSVP cruises.
7 hrs · Like · 6
Jeff Salisbury I like history lessons!
7 hrs · Like · 5
Aleks Flores Girl Bye!
Aleks Flores's photo.
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Kris K F Shi The best option if you don't want to get rip off: Stay at home! No way you'll enjoy your holiday if you keep calculate every single penny! Relax and party just like everyone of us! Ps the drinks are not that expensive anyway.
Ian Collis I didn't mean to post the above!
7 hrs · Like · 1
Mike Chaston Joey David are you actually coming on the cruise??
7 hrs · Like · 1
Randy Villarreal LOL Shawn Covington.
7 hrs · Like · 1
Michael Lester These cruises are what you make of them. Just like life. It's up to you. I would imagine your not too happy with life. Atlantis. Does a amazing job. And both of the med cruises I have done have been amazing. I have made so many new friends. I would recommend the cruises on atlantis to everyone
6 hrs · Like · 8

Aleks Flores Why are we even engaging crazy??
5 hrs · Edited · Like · 7

Joey David Is that what your mother called you for having your OWN opinion? Crazy?

Rob Mckenzie I think the problem is that your bar bill was so low. Maybe if you had spent a bit more you might have had a bit more fun
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Joey David Damn, too bad you weren't on the cruise at the time, you could of paid for it. If you need booze to have a good time, it's called ALCOHOLIC.
6 hrs · Edited · Like

Michael Lester My bill at the end of the cruise was 2800 for 2 of us drinks only. That's a correct amount. My total was 8300. We love these cruises we budget 20,000 for 2 of us when we take the med cruise with room and airfare
6 hrs · Like · 4
Joey David There were a lot of sugar daddies on the cruise too, I was like WoW.
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Mike Chaston See you at the martini bar Rob Mckenzie!
Can't wait smile emoticon
6 hrs · Like · 4
Wayne Russell It's really considerate of someone to take the time to give their opinions to a group who are all looking forward to a fantastic fun holiday just 4 weeks from now..... No, really it is ⚓
6 hrs · Like · 7
Glenn Tan I agree with Wayne. Unsolicited advice from someone not traveling with this fun group is so generous. ;))
6 hrs · Like · 6
Michael Lester So the real problem is you have not been able to find one. I'm 54 and I still get offers for them to be my sugar daddy . Keep trying maybe you can be a sugar daddy if you can't find one
6 hrs · Like · 2
Joey David I don't need to be a sugar daddy, I don't need to nor will I ever pay someone else to be with me, at the end of the day how do you feel about yourself doing that? Buying someone else's love?
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Fraser Ealey I thought this group was for passengers on the 2015 cruise.

My partner has been on two Atlantis cruises in Europe and has thoroughly enjoyed both - so much so he's persuaded me to join him on this trip. He share with a friend on his first and a stra...See More
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Joey David Joel Smith since when do people wait to be asked to give their opinion, I'll give my opinion whenever I want on here or in person. It's called Freedom of Speech. And I am not the only one who complained, that's why they want new people on the cruise this time.
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Mark Salvador It's called lonely.
6 hrs · Like · 3
Joey David LOL, yes everyone who gives their 2 cents worth are lonely people. I wold ask for a refund from where you got your psychology degree.
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Glenn Reuben I'm with the rest of them. This is my seventh Atlantis Cruise and I've already booked my eighth. This is more of an information page than a page for critisism. Your verbose, unwanted critique of the cruise was a waste of my time and definitely yours. You also probably want to brush up on your bill of rights.
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Michael Lester I was on the last 2 med cruises the shows were amazing and atlantis did a great job on both
Post your Bullshit elsewhere not here this is for people taking this cruise. what do you get out of trying to ruin other people's vacation?
6 hrs · Like · 5
Michael Lester Well Joey David I never have been a sugar daddy and never will . Been in love with same guy for 10 years. And he has as much money as I do. You assume what everyone's relationship is. I hope you find happiness and your true love.
6 hrs · Edited · Like · 5
Herb William I have been on over 20 cruises, I met wonderful people, enjoyed the various types of entertainment, ate healthy, learned about other cultures and history and I'm neither an alcoholic or a sugar daddy. My bar bill is on average between $200-300 and I pa...See More
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Ralph Gilmartin Don't feed the trolls!
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Lee Miller FOMO!
5 hrs · Like · 1
Aaron Glenn Joey this is not a travel review site. It's a Facebook page for a group of people getting excited about an upcoming cruise / European trip. Maybe the Atlantis site would be a better place for your feedback or even trip advisor! In your words " I'm just being factual and giving you my opinion".
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Renato PC It's my second and going back because I LOVED IT!!! 😀
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Dennis Ferioli Joey David, why rain on everyone else's parade cause you had a lousy time and were disappointed? If your two cents worth made you feel better, then I guess you did some good but, seriously, your post was so unnecessary and in such bad form. Of cours...See More
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Bart Gekiere Joey David, I am the admin of the group . please read the pinned post of this group.. It is for people going or interested to go.. You are definitely not one of the two, so I think your message is inappropriate and of no use on this page . You are welcome to give your opinion in any other review page or the group page of your finished cruise .
5 hrs · Like · 13
Jim Anastos Our 9th gay cruise,,, 7th with Atlantis.... glad Joey isn't coming! Hope he leaves the FB page.
5 hrs · Like · 3
Kyle Olsen Oh dear lord imagine having to share a cabin with that Debbie downer. I'd be bringing as many people back to the cabin just so I didn't have to hear her moan and complain!
5 hrs · Like · 7
Joey David Mark Salvador I have a better picture to use.
4 hrs · Like · 1
Joey David Kyle Olsen I never complained to the twit in my room, if one has no problem doing what he did, perhaps go on a boat with people with no moral compass.
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Kyle Olsen Sssssssssh! You're a little bit annoying. Go and write to Oprah (again). Have a look at his profile - this kid has isssssssssues. But at least he's getting some attention.
4 hrs · Like · 3
Tim Moseley Bart, gentle suggestion... delete the post, since you're an admin. Joey will claim censorship ("freedom of speech"????) but he'll be wrong. Then the rest of us can get back to being excited.
4 hrs · Like · 4
Michael Frederick Something tells me he probably complained at Disney World as a kid too. Next...
Michael Frederick's photo.
4 hrs · Like · 10
Joey David Oh Kyle Olsen will you be wearing that make up on the cruise like in that picture of yours, or was that photoshopped? messed up at 60?
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Jim Anastos Now come on guys.... I bet Joey would be lots of fun.... say, at a funeral. Or a wake.
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Kyle Olsen And you can't make friends because??????
4 hrs · Like · 6
Joey David Not with poor sport sissies, I can't no. Listen to you all. It's reality, deal with it. So much in la la land with the booze perhaps?
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Derek Catao Jr Stephen Cox weren't you looking for a roommate?
4 hrs · Like · 2
Clark Wayne Wow Joey! Why take the time and energy for such negativity? If your energy on the cruise was like this post it's no wonder you didn't enjoy yourself and people remained distant. I hope you can refocus your energy toward more pleasurable pursuits! Good luck.
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Don Jerabek Can you please get back to more postings with images of hunky men in speedos? Or, info on the ports?
4 hrs · Like · 7
Joey David Clark Wayne I clearly stated my opinion of my time on the cruise, why all the backlash? If someone does't like what I have to to say about MY experience on the ship then read the next post. I'm simply responding to the the harsh comments people are posting, defending myself.
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Kyle Olsen Is he still talking????? Errrghhhh.......
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Joey David You're still reading...Errrghhhhh
4 hrs · Like · 2
Clark Wayne Joey David peace and love mate.
4 hrs · Like · 4
Joey David Aww, that's soo sweet Clark Wayne
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Stephen Cox I'll get you for that Derek Catao Jr
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Leonardo Oliveira If I look at your face I"ll see why you had so many weird experiences. You scares me! Happy to know that people like you won't be there once again.
4 hrs · Like · 7
Joey David Leonardo Oliveira how do I say this politely, GO FUCK YOURSELF.
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Glenn Tan Yikes this is getting way too personal. I say we restrain ourselves and shut this conversation down.
4 hrs · Like · 3
Joey David A bunch of sissies who can't take someone's constructive criticism, no need to insult people, my 4 yr old niece and nephew know how to get along better with people then these pickle up asses she males.
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Tim Moseley Suggestion to all... the administrator is probably asleep, given time zone. No chance he'll delete this post for a while if at all. Let's just stop feeding the troll so we all stop getting notifications. Thanks.
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Kris K F Shi You should know your station by now after 70 comments from all over the world and you still not even earn a LIKE on your unnecessary posting.
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Bob Pranga This is my 14th cruise and I never get tired of this part of the world. It's a shame you couldn't enjoy it.
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Aaron Glenn So now it's constructive criticism, I thought it was your factual opinion. I'm really confused.
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Richard Johnson Goodness....someone has issues. Just stop going and drop our groups please.
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Jeff Salisbury Ok people stop responding to his post. No need to gang up on someone who believes they had a bad time. It is their opinion so let them have it. We all know we take and enjoy what we want from the cruise.
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Daniel Hughes Finally someone (Jeff above) says something reasonable - others have different opinions and if you don't like them, don't read them or just respond with your own take - you don't need to try and stifle their points of view. Several commentators on this page are controlling thought police who would put a right-wing Baptist minister to shame with their tyrannical responses to anyone with a different opinion.
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Daniel Hughes And posting someone's picture and requesting that others mock him is vile bullying which any gay man with half a conscience should know is totally unacceptable under any circumstances, lest of all because he has a different opinion than you about a gay cruise.
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Joey David My sentiments exactly, I'm simply told MY story..bluntly.. and like bullies I've been ganged up on, which I can take, I've been bullied all through my childhood so this is nothing, but at this age people are still doing this? Because you don't agree wi...See More
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Mark Salvador Point taken.
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Luke Billingsley Joey my advice to you is STOP hating! You see... We've All largely come out and made
Peace with ourselves.. We're not " the outsiders" we were in high school. You live once... You can choose to be happy and have fun or you can self select to be an outs...See More
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Joey David How is that hating? So when you go on website such as Bestbuy, Trip Advisor, Amazon and people leave negative comments about a product or their experience, they're suddenly haters? I don't log on there and say HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT YOU HATER, I ACTUALL...See More
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Luke Billingsley Something tells me you're single and have been for a very long time. I''m right aren't i? This isn't trip advisor either at a a Facebook page for people who are actually wanting to go on this trip and already committed to it... You can also leave comments about this cruise and opinions on trip advisor.
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Joey David How about stop analyzing and do more of moving on. If any of these comments, the bashing affected me, I would deleted my post a long time ago.
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Luke Billingsley Yep im right. Look this is probably unwanted advice (see what that's like when somebody puts that in your face... Not always what we wanted) but at a guess it doesn't matter which tour/cruise/ trip you go on you're not gonna be happy until you make pea...See More
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Joey David Luke Billingsley thank you for the therapy. Where do I send the cheque (Canadian way of spelling check) to?
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Bob Durkin This all sounds like psychobabble meant for some analyst's couch. Time to change the channel.
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Luke Billingsley Joey I'm not American my first language is Queen's English. Don't assume.
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Joey David Luke, Joel?? JOEY! smile emoticon I did assume, most are Americans on here.
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Joey David thank you
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Joey David And that's how you be civilized...
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Michael Frederick This is like a train wreck. We should move on but the stupid drama (serious emphasis on the drama) keeps us coming back for more. I love how the aggressor is now the bullied victim. GAG! The administrator of this page should have removed this thread long ago.

Tummy Tuck Follow Up

Follow up to my tummy tuck blog...

My decision to get this procedure done was not an overnight thought, for long as I remember, and for many years I've always hated the way my stomach looked.  And to be honest with you all during my promiscuous and wild years which was throughout my 20's, I wouldn't let anyone touch my stomach without drinking a couple of drinks to lower my inhibitions. That's how much it really affects me psychologically.

Speaking of which, did you know the Ontario Government would cover cosmetic surgery if it was for psychological reasons? they ended that in the early to mid 1990s.

This is not for vanity reasons, I don't live in Hollywood that I am trying to fit in, it's all about how I feel about myself. It's how I feel, not what anyone else may think, it's all internal.

I may be repeating myself from my last blog entry but I'm turning 40 and it's all going to get worse from here as I age, so the time is now. It's about being a better ME. Evolving. Improving. Feeling good. And about being happy. Of course at a huge price.

Through out the year I've lost even more weight, did cardio 5-6x a week ( I cut it down to 3x now since I do weight lifting) and just a month ago started strength training, and for those who don't strength train, you're missing out. It's a love and hate relationship with the weight lifting, I dread doing it but when I do it reminds me how good I feel afterwards.

So, I made a last minute appointment for a consultation today, the surgeon consulted and  recommended I do a lower body lift procedure. He said I have good muscle tone on the upper stomach but the lower which has some sagging skin from losing all the weight will never go away because it's extra skin. A lower body lift is a tummy tuck with lipo but also lipo at the love handles and back and then raising the lower part of the back up, which raises the ass too, I don't have a sagging ass, actually it's perky and plump, thank you. If I were only to do a tummy tuck and lipo at the sides it will create extra skin on the sides without the lift. The lower body lift sounds painful.

I didn't get good vibes from this consultation experience,  it's not his opinion but other details that didn't give me the confidence to go with this surgeon. This is opinion of one surgeon so far, I have another appointment next week with another surgeon. I've made appointments with 4 different surgeons.

There are a couple of websites that people can refer to where people rate their experiences with doctors etc however I take it like grain of salt because you just cant' tell which reviews are legit or which are made up.

My mother was totally against me doing it, she's talking me out of doing it, saying I don't need it, I get where she's coming from and originally she refused to care for me for the 1 or 2 weeks that I will be immobile.I phoned my mother today and told her about the consultation and said I will need to hire nurses for 2 weeks, she said forget nurses make room and I'll be there with you, I said REALLY??? WOW Almighty then!  I just need to pay her will be good for her anyway, time away from her situation.

I understand it's a risky procedure as I will be under for 5 hours or so which that in itself scares me, thoughts race through my mind, what if I don't wake up? What if my heart stops? What if they give me too much?  The doctor reassured I will be fine, as I am healthy, don't smoke nor drink. The surgeons can say whatever they want. But if my grandmother lived through surgeries, so can I. The risk is in the healing process, the risk of infection etc. But I am sure I will be fine.

The thing I am not looking forward to is starting all over again in my workout regime, since I can't work out for 6 weeks after surgery everything I worked out for is erased, the muscles only have memory for up to 3 weeks then everything shrinks, like a cold penis.

So, the life long hate of the sagging stomach will soon come to end and I will finally be happy about the way I look for once and all and I will then be proud and say LOOK AT ME NOW, BITCH!

More to come....soon.


The Artistic Lady

A lot of people have a passion, whether it's to cook, travel, or sing, my mother's passion is to paint art. Some people take a lifetime to find out what their passion is, but luckily for my mother she knew from when she was young what is was.
At a very young age she knew it was the thing she loved to do, her outlet and her love for art. At a young age her parents told her she couldn't make a living out of it and basically urged her to get into hair styling. While she was also very talented being a hair stylist, her heart was always set on painting art. 

Her paintings are often about contact with architecture and basic living elements. Energy (heat, light, water), space and landscape are examined.  She investigates the dynamics of landscape, including the manipulation of its effects and the limits of spectacle based on our assumptions of what landscape means to us. Rather than presenting a factual reality, an illusion is fabricated to conjure the realms of our imagination.

Her paintings establish a link between the landscape’s reality and that imagined by its conceiver. By focusing on techniques and materials, she considers making art a craft which is executed using clear formal rules and which should always refer to social reality.

Her works are notable for their perfect finish and tactile nature. This is of great importance and bears witness to great craftsmanship. By exploring the concept of landscape, travel, and artistic expression in a nostalgic way, she focuses on the idea of ‘public space’ and more specifically on spaces where anyone can do anything at any given moment: the non-private space, the non-privately owned space, space that is economically uninteresting.

Until recently after decades of hair styling she had to end her hair styling profession due to health reasons and returned to her life long passion. Like a reunion with her long lost lover, it's a match made in heaven.

My mother lives and breathes her art work. She has paintings hung all over her condo, like a art museum, it's a sight only very see and when people do, they're amazed. I am sure it's because with every stroke of the paint brush there is the strike of detail, precise and perfection.

So, the other day I grabbed one of my camera's and took pictures of her art and decided to publish it for the world to see. She needs to shine and show everyone her gift. Her gift of art.

Here they are..hope you like them just as much as I do. Hopefully she can sell them because the walls are pretty much covered up and will need to use the ceiling.

Be GONE: My decision on nipping the flab.

When I was very young I was a chubby kid, as far as I can recall I started to get fat at age 7. I didn't like to exercise and loved to eat. Perhaps I needed comfort food, lots of it.

I was teased and humiliated by family, actually mostly family about the weight; my brother, father and some distant cousin (she now looks like an ugly obese duckling, actually ducks are cute so she looks like an Ostrich, sorry ducks, I didn't mean to insult you). Anyone who belittles a teen is a cruel cold hearted shithead,  Emotional and psychological abuse from a parent is 10x worse then from people outside the home because as a kid you look up to the parent and you believe what they say about you. So if you're constantly being told it's not okay to be you whether fat, slim, white, Chinese, gay or straight, it will be engraved in your mind and you'll carry that with you. Bullied kids are most likely to commit suicide, have major depression and abuse substances.

The reason why I include the bullying in this post is because it coincides with the other torment I lived through. When I was severely bullied in 5 different high schools, it was not because of my weight but because the other class shit heads knew I was gay. They called me fagot, threw things at me, called me other names, stepped all over me, held me down, threw the punches all I asked was "what did I do?". I didn't know how to defend myself, never stood up for myself, my parents didn't deal with it, just told me to ignore.

You can say I was shredded into pieces and throughout the years I had to build myself up and repair myself. My self esteem was beaten and confidence was non existent. And because the weight humiliation came from family members I was very ashamed of myself and literally had ZERO self esteem to the point that I was too embarrassed to eat in public, for example in high school I hid in bathroom stalls and ate my lunch. At other times outside school, I wouldn't eat in public because I was too ashamed. In the summer, I wore jackets to cover myself in scorching hot weather because I hated my body.

So from being teased at home to living in school, it took a toll. I was broken, literally. As if I were that bobby doll and people were sticking pins in me. It is a lot for someone at a young age to go through.

Some people exaggerate with their story but my story is %100 real.

Because of my insecurities, throughout the years I yo yo dieted, my weight went up and down. In my early teens I had an eating disorder and my hair started to fall out and it got very thin but then regrew back. Nothing was good enough for me as for my image, those voices in my head were still there, "you're fat". When I looked in the mirror I only saw fat, when I was actually slim. Because of my weight fluctuations it created flab and some extra skin.

I was so ashamed with my body that when I had my first sexual experience, I couldn't. i couldn't let someone else touch me, i couldn't "perform" because of how I felt about my body.

In my 20s, boy did I ever rebel. I partied hard, abused substances and alcohol, I always sought attention in mostly negative ways, says things, do things just to get a reaction out of people. And I became a slut and had a very promiscuous life, while I was high and drunk. I've not binged nor abused substances in 10 years, this November will mark 10th year anniversary. I don't get triggered and socially I enjoy a drink. I still have a bottle of wine I bought in Barcelona in August 2014. That's how little I drink. And yes, it's good wine, but I have no desire.

To this day, I am insecure about it, not as much but the insecurity is still there. Even though I've come a long way building myself up, that insecurity won't go away. Neither would the flab. It's there, it's not like people can't see it, I am not in denial. But over the past few months I've lost more weight and all my jeans are too big.

I do cardio 3-4 times a week 45mins. I used to do it 6 times a week. I eat extremely healthy. Recently I've added strength training, even though I dread it, I'm reminded by how good it makes me feel after I workout.  The flab is still there. It's stubborn and doesn't want to go away. I am getting older and the elasticity won't be there as I get older so it's time to get rid of it. But cardio and even strength training alone will not get better results.

I am about to turn 40 this year, it's a huge milestone and subconsciously I've decided to get a tummy tuck with lipo. Even though it frightens me,  I am sure I will be fine. I've wanted this surgery for a few years and even though my mother and others are against it, I have to do what will make me happy... at a cost of $12,000, but a life of feeling better about myself. There will be a permanent scar, but perhaps that could be a symbol of the life long battle I've had with this weight issue.

My decision to get this done has nothing to do with my past but how I feel about it today. I hate shopping for clothes. I look in the mirror and see flab, flab flab!  And I want it gone, gone gone! Years of exercise and diet didn't help.

My consultation with two different surgeons is next month and then the anticipated surgery date should be in July, just in time for my birthday.

And when this is all done and I look in the mirror I think tears of joy will be there because it will mark and end of something I've been battling with for my entire life.

The Truth about Veterinarians, what need to know if you own a pet

(Note: NO, some of the words are not spelled incorrectly, it's Canadian vocabulary.)

The other day while out with my dogs I noticed blood in one of my dogs urine. This is when I should be grateful that there is snow on the ground otherwise I would of probably not noticed the blood. So I immediately took him to the Vet Emergency Clinic.

I am writing this post to educate other dog owners about my experience with VETERINARIANS. 

Since this is about veterinarians, let me rewind a bit. My poor dog also had some another issue that couldn't be resolved, he was scratching profusely and I noticed a yeast like smell coming from his ears and eyes, he also had black colouring inside his ears. So like most times when I notice an issue with my dogs I took him to the vet. The vet advised me he had allergies, unknown to what he was allergic to I was to do a process elimination diet. There are allergy tests but they are very expensive and most times are inaccurate.

Well, I did diet change and I changed his food countless times because none of the high grade grain free food helped. I read that fish is better, and eliminate chicken, beef, pork etc as they are know to be allergy trigger. I  made many many visits to the pet store to exchange his food. The staff at the dog store either thought I was insane for being there so often as I was reading and comparing products or  they probably thought I was there trying to pick up a date. Or all of the above, insane date..joke, I am a great date.

I resorted to the internet for my research, I joined forums, read and conversed with other dog owners, I researched night and day. I was determined and very eager to cure my suffering dog. I was on a mission, I needed to solve this issue. He's my baby. 

A bit of history of my dogs; When I rescued my dogs from the shelters 5 years ago, they were both 2, I rescued them from two different shelters in Toronto. I drove around town and checked the internet daily hoping to find a smaller dog to adopt. As soon as the shelter posted a dog on their website, the age and size (small to medium, as I lived in an apartment) I wanted, I quickly drove to to the shelter, hoping to get there before anyone else as small dogs in shelters are taken in hours if not minutes. I refuse to purchase a dog from breeders. I would of remained dog less if I couldn't find a dog at a shelter, I refuse buying a dog anywhere but the shelters. There are dogs that need a good home from those shelters. If I could I would rescue them all.

Oscar, the dog with the health issues, is a Lhasa Apso, apparently I got to the shelter 5 minutes before someone wanted to adopt him. My other dog, Scooby is a Shi-Poo, I rescued him 2-3 months after Oscar, for him I had to come back the very next morning to get him as the vet has to check him out before putting him up for adoption. The next day, Saturday, I got there before 9 am just before they opened the doors to the public. I wanted a female because I wanted 1 male and 1 female but the female dog I was interested was taken, I was too late. They told me they had another small dog, a male. He came up to me, so I took him. I'm easy that way.

At first, Scooby and I did not click, I was too hard on him. When I first got him I took the chance and removed the leash for him to run around at the park, when I called him he did not listen and I became impatient, he started to run away, he went onto the road and I almost had a heart attack. THANKFULLY no cars were coming way. He ran towards my apartment and a woman in her car noticed what was going on. She stopped her car and grabbed him, she saw I was very angry and calmed me down, I told her I was going to give him back. She convinced me to keep him and give him time, as he doesn't know me and to have more patience with him. People enter your life for a reason. Cut to today, he's my little baby that I cannot live without. People and animals can teach us a lot about ourselves. Even to this day I regret reacting the way I did. Just need to be a bit more gentle and patient, I have almost zero patience.

People tend to think negatively toward dogs who are put up at shelters, they have a bad rap, as if they're the unwanted one's. You never know what type of character the dogs have but it can be the same if you buy a puppy, their temperament is in the genes. What most fail to realize is that there can be countless reasons why dogs end up there; strays and no one claimed them, people move and can no longer keep them, allergies, move out of country etc etc. 

My two dogs, I couldn't of asked for better, they're simply the best. Everyday I'm grateful for them to be in life because they're just that amazing, they got excellent temperament, affectionate, quiet, and overall are well balanced dogs, believe it or not . Most times it's the environment they live in.  Most times I'm a well-balanced person, unless I am dealing with stupid people that's when the wires in my brain goes haywire, sparks everywhere...not good. You see smoke and everything, not a good scene. You see WARNING SIGNS: about to ignite. Stand Clear.

And yet, there are people who are terrified of my small quiet dogs. I live in a "newcomer" area so they think dogs are the devil (just moved here 2 years ago and I'm read to move out). WELCOME TO CANADA! WE HAVE DOGS HERE, GET USED TO IT OR GET THE FUCK HELL OUT!

When my dogs walk past other dogs who are mentally unstable, you know those aggressive type dogs, my dogs just walk on by as if the dog isn't there. They don't react. Perhaps all of this is because they have a home that they feel safe and protected. That's what owning a dog is all about. Feed, protect, shelter, companionship.

If I had kids I would be an excellent father. I know %140 that is certain. But that ain't happening anytime soon. Maybe if I stored sperm at the age of 24. But at 40??? Naww.

Oh yes, let's go back to topic. THE VET! The money hungry vet referred me to another vet dermatologist.  It took 1 1/2 months to see this vet. You'd think that the expensive fee's they charge me, I'd see one sooner. I was emailed a 10 page questionnaire about my dog that i had to complete and email back 72 hours prior to the appointment.

Meanwhile while waiting a month and half, my dog was suffering, When I finally took my dog to this special vet in downtown Toronto, it was a 2 hour appointment, the vet asked me even more questions then he did some skin tests on my dog. He took some tape for skin graphs and he scrapped some of my dogs skin off his back.

On the day prior to the appointment I did one final research on the internet. And I was certain I found the answer to mystery. I was about to cancel the appointment because I was certain I was correct. But i went anyway just to be sure because I needed the remedy.

So I waited in the waiting room for the skin results, the vet came up to me and he seemed embarrassed because I told him what i thought it was during the consultation, he said he was sure I was correct. So he walked over to me and told me i was correct, my dog had a bacterial/yeast infection. So I waited more for his assistant to come up, she had a bag full of stuff.

One by one she took the items out of the bag, "here's shampoo and conditioner,  here's another condition for after you shampoo and's ear drops, eye scream, paw cream, and wipes". She then showed me the bill of $750. I said HELLLLLLLL NO!  

Ops, you got the wrong person..whoa, whoa whoa.

So I said, you can take this back, that back, that back, that back and that back and I was left with ear drops and just the shampoo and and conditioner which has a chemical in it to kill the infection.

The elimination brought down my bill to $352.  As with every every vet they give you stuff you don't need. And they recommend you to other vets when it wasn't necessary. If you're naive and buy into crap, they take you for a nice long ride. Any vet could of done what this vet did. The consultation and skin graphs alone cost $270 the rest was on the treatments that were necessary. Give me a text book and microscope and I could of took the skin sample and compared it to what a yeast and bacterial infection looks like.

So I had to shampoo my dog twice a week for 4 weeks the once a week. And was told to return back to the vet for a follow up. I did not follow up. 

Fast forward to this past Sunday with my dog pissing out blood. I took him to another vet WILLOWDALE ANIMAL HOSPITAL. The suggested a $342 X-Ray, I refused and said there should be another cost effective way to diagnose. So she said I  can could try putting a tube up his dick to see if there's kidney stones ( she didn't say it that bluntly), I said fine, sedate him first thanx. I waited 1 hour, she came back and said something is blocking and an X Ray would be the only way to see the size of the stones. In the meantime she prescribed antibiotics and recommended to get  an X-Ray done 2 weeks from that date to see if the stone shrunk, which I will do as I want to make make sure they have shrunk or hopefully dissolved. She told me while she was up my dogs penis she was able to break a stone. She also prescribed 15 days worth of painkillers, I gave it to my dog once, he didn't look like he was in pain. So, I have 14 pills remaining. And when I gave him the pill he was totally out of it.

Here's the copy of that day's vet bill: I am showing this because of the unnecessary items they add.



So further on in the consultation she also said "you have to change the dogs diet', I replied "He's on a raw food diet, how much better can it get, it's what they eat in the wild." She said 'It's all marketing and that's for them to make money. She said "well then, I cannot help you if you don't change his diet.". 

On the way out she puts a bag of dry Royal Canin "Special Vet Formula food" and a case of can food. I told the receptionist to put it back, it's crap. This is the same company that also has a line of pet food for breed specific at local pet stores. A formula for your specific breed??? Marketing for dummies 101. And like other bottom of the food chain food brands, they outsource their food from China.

And vets are selling this dog food to you, telling you it's the best food to help your pet with the the condition it has. Imagine going to your doctor and he/she tells you, based on your ethnic background and your ancestry you should go on the McDonald's diet. 

Same crap.

And as I was waiting in the waiting room for them to bring my dog, after I paid my bill, (they hold onto your dog until you pay), I noticed people coming coming into the vet store buying this food because they trust their vet it's the best food.

DO YOUR RESEARCH!! Do people not research? Don't people every think why is my vet hard selling me this dog food? it's because crap with a huge markup.

And you're talking about marketing? She's selling me crap food made from Royal Canin, one of the worst dog foods out there labeled 'Vet formula: Urinary Tract Infection' on the bag. Again, did she say marketing??? There must be a sticker on my forehead that says STUPID. I read labels all the time. I do my homework, I investigate and I research everything. 

 What McDonald's is to humans, this so-called special dog food is to dogs. Here' let's compare, here's the first few ingredients to the very special Vet Dog food;

Chicken meal, rice (assuming white rice which makes the dog fat) and raises insulin levels), corn gluten meal (cheap crap carb) corn (more cheap fillers), chicken fat, natural flavors (like what?), soy isolate (humans drink this in this protein shakes, cheap protein source), powdered cellulose, salt, dried egg powder, dried brewers yeast, potassium chloride, fish oil, sodium bisulfate, calcium sulfate, soya bean oil (cheap oil)

A lot crap in a bag that is supposed to nourish a dog.

And this is the first few ingredients to FreshPet, the food I feed my dog;

Salmon, Ocean Whitefish, Spinach, Cranberries, Blueberries, Carrageenan, Salt, Natural Flavors, Sunflower Oil, Inulin, Dried Ground Broccoli, Dried Ground Pomegranate


Here's an excerpt for information on that "special vet dog food'' and the myth that they are premium. Only if pet owners know the facts about what they're buying and that the recommended vet food is crap, maybe they'll think twice about what they're buying. And like our doctors, we are to trust our vets, right? DON'T!

Myth: The best foods are those the veterinarian sells, like Royal Canin, Purina Veterinary, and Hill's Science Diet

"While these brands and others sold in veterinarian's offices may be marketed as premium, top of the line foods, one look at the ingredients tells a different story. These formulas, made from large conglomerates, derive far more protein from grains or grain by-product sources such as corn gluten meal, brewer's rice, and wheat, than from healthy meat sources.

These brands, and so many like them, also contain poultry by-product, which consists of the leftovers unfit for human consumption, like feet, beaks, undeveloped eggs, and intestines; everything BUT clean meat. It's a cheap, low quality source of protein that is far less digestible than clean chicken meal. These ingredients are a tell-tale sign of poor quality food and are no different than discount brands at the grocery store.

When looking for the best food, meat and a named meat meal, like chicken meal or lamb meal, should be listed before any grains. Our dogs and cats are designed by nature to eat protein from meat sources, not grains. The high grain content of many pet foods is a primary contributor to the growing obesity and allergy problems in pets (this does not mean that all grains are bad for dogs and cats)."

I have to mention, last summer Oscar ate something outside (there are dirty ass people in this neighbourhood who throw food onto the grounds here even though there are garbage bins everywhere, (I'm assuming it's what they do back home in their native country) and he had a reaction so I took him to the vet right away and they X-Rayed him, they noticed something in the X ray but wasn't sure??, they didn't bother checking it out, because I wasn't there for that. They should of at least say to me lets check it out it doesn't look normal. But because of the lack of urgency I didn't really put much thought to it. I trusted the vet. If he didn't look worried than I'll let it go. It was in the back of my mind though.

You see, if you are there for one thing and they see something else along the way, they won't deal with it, it's ONE issue at a time. So what now? I have to pay double consultation or go and come back again? They sent the digital X ray to my regular vet at BLUE CROSS ANIMAL SHELTER in downtown Toronto, the same vet that referred me to the vet dermatologist.

When I went there for the allergy issue, I asked him to look at the X ray, he didn't want but I insisted, he said "Yup, looks like something but I've got other clients, sorry."

So back to the issue, months later, last Sunday, my dog is pissing out blood. If at least told me I should have it checked further he wouldn't of had this issue.

We all want to make money in what we do. but when it comes to a vet they are there to diagnose and treat animals and not suck as much money as they can from caring dog owners, most of whom are naive, it's a disservice to an animal to not attend to their well-being for the sake of making a buck. And there aren't many good vets out there. 

Reminds me of a shady mechanic, you go for one reason but OH look at that he tells you that your car needs new tires, engine, belt when all you need was a oil change. 

And it's more, the markup in fee's. HUGE. For an X Ray? $340????  And the unnecessary add-on's your dog doesn't need. 

Why do vets do this? because there are vets out there who will take advantage of people who don't know better. I am not saying everyone is out to get you but don't be a victim of deceit. The caring dog owner will fall for this bullshit, anything to help their dog. 

But hey, if you have all the money in the world and don't care, this blog means nothing to you. Go spend. Be stupid.


2 months after being on antibiotic medication and not taking veterinarians recommendation for a $2300 surgery to remove his bladder stone, yesterday X rays showed he no longer has a stone. All the urgency but my dog was not in pain nor discomfort nor had issues urinating, so I took it in my own hands and he's all well now. Oh and on a raw food diet and not their special crappy food. They kept urging me to buy his food.

There you have it, be smart and keep the money in your pocket and not in to greedy corps.



Animal Cruelty in Canada

Here's a thought, let's beat them, stuff them in a box, drag those workers and let them experience what that those poor animals endured. And maybe, just maybe these stupid fools well gain some empathy, but who am I fooling they're just cold hearted thugs. If anyone is capable of doing this to animals, they got sick minds and twisted minds. And this is happening in Canada, what a disgrace. Animal Cruelty laws in this country are meaningless, it's just ink on paper just to saw there is some law but there is no punishment to go along with the crime, other than slap on the wrist. And that is total BULLCRAP!

Western Hog Exchange in Red Deer, Alta. is the last stop for 2,000,000 pigs before they go to slaughter. It’s a process that is supposed to happen as humanely as possible.

But a hidden camera investigation reveals that this is not always the case at Western Hog Exchange.

An undercover investigator for Mercy for Animals Canada, worked at Western Hog Exchange for two months this summer.

Unbeknownst to her employer, she secretly filmed what was going on inside. She witnessed horrible acts of abuse “animals that were too sick to stand, that were later kicked and abused by employees”.

The hidden camera footage was provided exclusively to CTV’s W5 and the images that were captured are disturbing: pigs coming off trucks limping so badly they could barely walk; pigs so overcrowded into pens they climb on top of each other desperate for space; pigs being beaten and kicked by employees; and pigs that could barely walk being dragged or forced to move by employees wielding electric prods.

The investigator said it was an awful experience, but “I know that at the end of the day, I can go home and these poor animals are stuck there forced to endure this”.

In one hidden camera scene, an employee tries to move a resting pig by kicking it, then shoving it with a metal gate. Another employee joins him and they both kick the pig before dragging it on the ground with the heavy gate, trying to force the pig into a pen.

The undercover investigator said that moving group of pigs 70 to 100 at a time was common practice, leading to overcrowding and pigs piling up on top of each other.

Employees were equipped with a specialized plastic bat filled with pellets that’s meant to be used as a noise maker, to encourage the animals to move.

However some employees used the bats to hit the pigs. In some cases, the animals had no room to move and couldn’t escape the beating.

W5 obtained a copy of Western Hog Exchange’s Employee Manual which clearly outlines its animal welfare policy -- and much of it seems like common sense.

It states:

  • Do not: “kick any part of the hog’s body.”
  • Do not: “drag any downer hogs from a truck.”
  • “Only move small groups of hogs at a time.”
  • And “prods are not allowed to be used in the barn to move hogs. “

However, the hidden camera footage reveals that some of their employees are breaking just about every rule in their own book.

Western Hog Exchange responds to video

W5 showed the hidden camera footage to Western Hog Exchange Chairman Brent Moen – he said he found some of the incidents portrayed in the video disturbing. “The images that were portrayed were shocking and concerning to me.”

As a result, Moen said he has contracted two separate agencies that are specialists in livestock handling to come in and review Western Hog Exchange procedures to ensure this won’t happen again.

“We will engage those same individuals on a regular basis going forward to come back and audit our process,” Moen said.

“We will update the manual. We will retrain our people in the areas where we’re not in compliance or where obviously we need some improvement.”

Moen told W5 senior reporter Victor Malarek that he is disappointed by what he saw on camera, adding, however, that “I look at this as a tremendous learning opportunity for our organization”. And he promised that over time the situation will improve, “You'll see more respect of the animals and a higher degree of care and compassion.”

“If anybody has a camera, this’ll be on the internet” – CFIA inspector

Western Hog Exchange is a federally licensed establishment and as such, has inspectors from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) on site to ensure compliance with Canada’s humane transportation laws, and prevent the undue suffering of animals from transport to slaughter.

Although CFIA inspectors were on site while the hidden camera footage was recorded, it shows them either failing to act when animals are being abused in their presence or absent from the marshalling area altogether.

In one instance, a worker uses a bat, and then his boots to force a pig to walk, before shoving it into the pen with a heavy gate saying the pig “can walk when he wants to.” While this was happening, the CFIA inspector was in the office.

In another case, the hidden camera shows dozens of pigs jammed into an alley with nowhere to move, piling up on top of each other. An employee hits the pigs at the back of the group with a bat even though they have no room to move forward.

A CFIA inspector is present and she picks up a bat and bangs on the wall, adding to the mayhem. The inspector never appears to tell the employee to stop hitting the pigs.

At other times on hidden camera, CFIA inspectors actually grab electric prods for workers to use on pigs, including a pig that couldn’t walk and had to later be put down. Keep in mind, the use of electric prods in the barn is a clear violation of Western Hog Exchange regulations.

The undercover investigator who recorded the footage said that she felt the CFIA inspectors were somewhat too cozy with the employees at Western Hog Exchange. “It seemed as though they were there to be a presence, to give people assurance that animal welfare is being taken care of. But I didn’t see them doing anything to really enforce that.”

In one recorded moment, a CFIA inspector appears to be primarily concerned with the optics of what’s going on around her. As a couple of dead pigs are pulled off a trailer, she comments: “If anybody has a camera, this’ll be on the Internet.”

When the Mercy for Animals investigator reported one person who was rough handling the pigs to a CFIA inspector, she said the inspector followed her, not the person who was abusing the animals. “I kind of felt it was almost sending me a message”.

CFIA: No issues of non-compliance

W5 asked the CFIA for information on what their inspectors found this summer while hidden cameras were rolling. They said they conducted 84 “humane transportation verifications” from May to August 2014 and issued no non-compliance reports. That means not one violation or even a single warning from the CFIA.

In fact, the CFIA added that there had been “no issues of non-compliance identified by the CFIA against the Western Hog Exchange in the past year and therefore, no enforcement actions taken by the CFIA” during that time.

W5 tried for weeks to get an interview with Bruce Archibald, President of the CFIA, or other officials at their headquarters in Ottawa, offering to show the hidden camera footage prior to an interview. But they repeatedly turned down the requests.

CFIA did send a statement saying “The CFIA does not condone or tolerate any abusive behaviour towards animals and investigates all allegations of animal mistreatment.

“The CFIA enforces the humane treatment of animals in accordance with the Health of Animals Regulations and the Meat Inspection Regulations. …these regulations aim to prevent the undue suffering of animals during transport and during slaughter at federally registered facilities” and… “require that animals be in good physical condition to travel and that the trip be made under suitable conditions (ventilation, duration, loading density and proper constructions of trailers and conveyances.”

CFIA proposes ‘deal’

Seeking further information, W5’s Malarek approached Archibald in person outside the CFIA’s headquarters, recorded by a camera crew. The next day the CFIA seemed to have a change of heart and offered an unnamed spokesperson in Calgary to comment, but only if the footage taken of Archibald, as well as footage of the CFIA headquarters, not be used in the story. W5 did not agree to the condition.

W5 also requested an interview with the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Gerry Ritz, about Canada’s transportation regulations and CFIA oversight, but he was unavailable for an interview.

His office sent a statement saying:

“Our government expects all businesses to adhere to Canada’s strict animal welfare laws. As a Government, we have increased the CFIA’s ability to levy fines and criminal charges for animal cruelty should charges be warranted. We expect anyone found violating these laws will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.”

Read more:

The Gay Mediterranean Cruise Experience


The excursions, the food, the sunsets and amazing scenery. Everything else... partial refund please.

Oh the craziness. The insanity. The regrets.

But, really what the fuck was I thinking?

If I've ever listened to my instincts, the inner none psychological voices in my head  I would of saved myself from a lot of things in life, money,trouble..etc. But that's what risks are all about, to go out there and live life to the fullest and get dirty while at it.

For some fucked up reason, well, let me rephrase, in hopes of meeting new people, I booked a trip last minute to go on a gay Mediterranean cruise.

You see, I'm was a  "Cruise Virgin" as I was told by a frequent cruiser, that's what I was... a cruise virgin..yay I am no longer a virgin! So like most virgins I didn't know what to expect, how to plan and what I shouldn't and should do. I was not prepared. That's why experiences teach us and makes us wiser, well, they're supposed to. This was a whole new experience and I'm not one to shy away from taking risks. I did a lot of that when I was 20's, back then I traveled everywhere and met people off the internet all over the USA, that's when the internet was young and so was I, young and naive. I also partied a lot in my 20's, so much so that I've partied for a lifetime, so I know what it's all about, I don't need to relive things especially when it's all behind me.

So why did I go on a gay cruise when I am not even into the gay scene nor care for it? I don't care for bars, clubs, bath houses, the drinking, the partying, nor care for the gay scene PERIOD! But I wanted to go somewhere where I had an opportunity to meet other gay people. What I was doing in the present wasn't working, so typical me I go all out and to the extreme and went ALL OUT GAY, TOO GAY. It was soo fuckin gay, 10 days is too long to be around gays 24/, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, they're gay everyone was a gay gay..except for the cruise staff, I am sure some here and there.

3 days is plenty.

It was a bit daunting doing this all alone but it's definitely not the first, not the first to travel alone, actually except one occasion I traveled with a female friend to Mexico 9 years ago, fuck time flies. Oh..she was a user. I paid her way. I was a patsy. Everyone can be a patsy and some just leach on, they leach onto people and suck them dry for everything they got. They have short lives.

Prior to all this cruise crap, many times I'd google on gay vacations and the same ad for a gay cruise always popped up but I was turned off by the marketing not that it had perfect Adonis type men but because it's not my scene, everyone has preferences, nice to look at it, I guess. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I preferred to see pictures of sloppy obese men, it just wasn't my scene.

I am quite surprised I actually put thought into it when all that time I wasn't interested. But after reading some forums people said it's not what the ads depict and that Atlantis cruises has a mix of everything and I was also told that there's a 50/50 ratio of singles and couples, that figure was waaaay off, I would say 95/5 couples to singles ratio and I'm being generous with those figures.

Time was ticking, loneliness took over and I sold my soul to the devil, I booked it!! I booked the damn flight and booked the damn hotel room in Barcelona. And took my lonely (there was a time where I would even dare say lonely) ass to Europe. And lonely has many meanings. People in relationship can be lonely, if they're in the wrong relationship.

You see, I used to be some crazy but for some reason once I hit  my mid 30s I turned into a reserved monk and keep to myself and that's the habit I was trying to break...and it didn't work, Yes, I realize I walked around with a pickle up my ass ( a pickle is better than a butt plug, I gyess, so it's not that bad) and I had valid reasons. A few would agree or perhaps many others would agree that the cruise was a cruise with attitude, about how money one has and the bodies in speedo's, it was obvious people worked out hard months before the cruise. I couldn't care less, what you see is what you get, like it lick it don't beat it.

I'm convinced that even if I was not traveling alone and was with someone else it would of been the same experience. I should of done this in my 20s. And that' what this cruise was for, meanwhile you had people in their 30s plus acting like they've not had alcohol before partying like how one in their 20s would.. Back then, I've partied, I've experienced it! I've done it! I don't need to relive it. Some never learn to stop and their life ends up differently.

Atlantis Events is a gay travel company that hosts travel vacations to the gay and lesbian community. They basically charter resorts (mostly in Mexico) and cruises for the gays and mark up the prices because it's exclusively for gays.. And for this particular cruise I went on, it was on Celebrity Cruises. Atlantis has a few different cruises a year in different parts of the world using different cruise lines; Holland, Princess Cruises, Celebrity etc.

The cruise began in Barcelona and ports at Malta, Naples, Florence, Sicily, Rome, Monte Carlo, Ibiza Spain and back to Barcelona. I decided to leave a few days early before the cruise and visit Barcelona for 3 days because I wanted to get over the jet lag before the cruise and also do some sightseeing. The last time I've been to Barcelona was when I was 14 years old with my grandparents.

Like most travel, it's based on double occupancy so if you book alone you have to pay double to have the cabin to yourself, which some did. Atlantis has a so-called "match" program for singles and will find someone based ONLY on smoking preferences, which didn't matter because you can't smoke on your balcony (if you booked a balcony stateroom like I did), no smoking in cabins and are only allowed only smoke in one small section on the lower deck which I later learned from smokers.

Anyway, I read comments by people on Facebook that sometimes people don't show up and if lucky I could end up having the room to yourself, I was hoping that would be... oh boy did someone have plans for me. More on that later...

Everything was last minute, talk about living on the edge, I even left for the airport last minute, I had to drop off my dogs at my parents (30 mins north of me), pick up my mother, drive to the airport, quickly drop me off, and my mother took my car back to her place. I arrived at the airport late, they had to code my luggage in the system to for the baggage handlers as the loading was closed.

The direct flight to Barcelona on Air Canada Rouge was 8 hours, I was in the premium economy section ($500 more), Air Canada doesn't have Business nor 1st Class on their Rouge flights which didn't matter as I don't fly in those sections anyway, well, depends. Premium Economy gives you slightly more seat space and leg room and better food, there's also 'Preferred' Seating ($90 extra) which I sat in on the return flight had more leg room than the Economy seats. I upgraded to the Premium section just for the outgoing flight..and after flying in that section I can say it's a total rip off, well for $500 or more it is. That extra price gives you a better roll (bread) and not the rock like bread roll in economy class, a better chicken than the so-called chicken given in economy class, better dessert, a real dessert and so-called salad (one cherry tomotoe and 4 leaves of lettuce instead of the so called one in economy) and a mini bottle of salad dressing in case you needed it for your baby size salad..oh and alcohol is included. I assumed that because you're flying overseas alcohol would be included in any section. Not with Air Canada. It's not that I needed nor wanted to drink alcohol, it's just an observation.

The flight departed Toronto at around 9:00pm and arrived in Barcelona at around 10:40am local time, my internal clock was still at 4am time when I arrived. Went through immigration (what immigration?) in a second, no questions asked, just stamped my passport. It was the same when I went to Israel 5 years ago, except for when you leave Israel (that's a whole different story). When I visited Israel 5 years ago, as you drive into the entrance of the airport you're greeted at the airport entrance with men carrying rifles who peak into your car, I asked why they do that, the cab driver said to make sure I wasn't an Arab, while inside the airport I was approached by a woman who questioned as if I were on trial. Who? what? where? why? when? parents name, aunt's name, when did I lose my virginity etc etc. And at the end "Come back Soon". More like FUCK YOU. Like seriously? All that wasn't needed? I hate when people make your life more difficult when it's not needed. The evil just comes out of me and I can be an ass. DO I LOOK LIKE A FUCKIN GAY TERRORIST? Let me answer that for you as you seem confused...NO!

Anyway, moving right along....

As soon as I landed in Barcelona, I took a taxi from the airport to my hotel and the very nice driver, a woman, didn't speak English, so I brought up the email on my smart phone with the hotel email confirmation to show her the address. She said "Oh si" and kept talking Spanish, it sounded gibberish...well in a Spanish way. She was a nice lady.

I got to the hotel and because of the local time I didn't want to sleep (it was 10:40am) and couldn't of slept anyway even if I tried, besides to to get over jet lag it's best to adjust to the local time zone even though back home it was 4:40am. I walked into the hotel room and started the electricity by sliding my hotel room key in the switch and WTF? The room was the size of a closet and I am not talking about Mariah Carey's closet and the bed could of been concrete (very much like a prison). I was too jet lagged to even look for another hotel and drag my suitcases. New surroundings,hard bed, shoe box room and in a new country, too tired to sleep, my body was tired but my internal/external clock was going haywire and if I were a robot the wires in the fuse outlet would cause firecrackers, like the firecracker I am.

While I was in Spain, I noticed a difference in quality of life, people are more laid back and less angry than North American's. It's a different kind of life and attitude living in Europe, I would move to Europe in a heartbeat, LOVED IT!. And you have to be careful of pocket pickers. They're very savvy, on one occasion spme guy tried sliding my cell phone under the sign he was holding above the table but I quickly grabbed it while I was having dinner outside, they have patios and cafe's everywhere, loved the European way of living. Loooove Europe!

On the last day in Barcelona a couple people of Facebook and I went to have a drink on the roof top patio of a gay hotel,  as you walked into the hotel there was a bathhouse feel with nostalgia. The elevator to the roof top patio was dark and very small as if it was purposely made that way for people to get up close and personal. On the roof top there were all sorts of men in speedos baking in the sun. While standing at the bar waiting for drinks, a guy in his speedo came up to the bar with his low hanging donkey dong  It was so cool to see people feel so liberated and didn't mind that their dongs were dangling like ornaments on a Christmas tree. Very different than the type of life I'm used to in Canada, except for the gay parades. It was a gay parade every day in Spain with the gays. And then as we sat on the comfy patio chairs to the right was a guy in his...that's his speedo doing some work on his laptop computer.  It was good break from my usual.

Then later that day I was introduced to a friend of the American couple I was hanging out with, the sugar daddy friend said his Singapore sugar baby was hooking up at a bath house. To each their own, I am not one to buy someone's affection. We then went to the friend's hotel room, well it's an upscale condo according to Spain's standards and the vacant units were converted to hotel rooms, this particular unit had 2 rooms, a kitchenette, washer/dryer combo, small balcony for $249 EUR ($350 CAD $322 USD) a night, If you got money to waste, party on. We sat and chatted for a bit and I started to feel really sleepy and excused myself. I was hungry and what does one eat in Spain where they have countless places of delicious Spanish food? Burger King! a chicken sandwich...of all the places to buy I walked into the Burger King and bought something quick. I don't even eat fast food at home, and there I was eating a bun less chicken sandwich, I stay away from white bread.

Later in the trip I learned Italians love white bread, but somehow they remain to be in good shape in Italy, good for them bitches.

The day of the cruise I took the cab to the port and boarded the ship. The luggage needed to be checked just like boarding a plane, it is put through a X ray machines and they also check for alcohol as they permit 2 bottles of wine for the duration of your cruise. However, while at ports you can duty free alcohol but the cruise holds it for you til the last day of the cruise. You just have to spend lots on the cruise if you drink.

As soon as I boarded I went to my cabin, and minutes later my roommate walked in. It still baffles me that even after paying so much I had to have a roommate (It was a bad experience).

Later on, everyone on the ship had to go to their designated spot to learn what to do if an emergency happens and where the rescue boats are and then watch a short video.

I went back to my cabin and my room mate and I decided to go to the 'Single's' Meet Party for a drink. We headed over to the Sky Deck Bar, it had an amazing view, we were given name tags with our names and out home city (the cruise had people from all over the world). We then went separate ways. To make long story short, another American bought him a drink and they lived happily ever after on the cruise. On the last day of the cruise the room mate said to me that him and that guy would just be friends...does it look like I care? (You'll understand the bitterness later.)

During the duration of the cruise they had many so called 'Single's' drink and dinners meet parties. I only attended one Singles dinner party in one of the very elegant dinning rooms called the Silhouette Dining Room but it was a very ineffective way to meet people. We're seated at a table with 10 people or so, after every course a bell is rang for us to move to another table to meet new people. But because the table was big with many people the only people you get to meet is either the person to your left or right or you can yell across the table (WHAT??? MY NAME IS...MY NAME IS...WHAT??? OH OK!). My suggestion would be to do the drinks meet first where it's one to one at a table, time it for 3 minutes and change tables to meet someone else. While doing that, have paper and pen where you check off yes or no if you like the person you're meeting and at the end check the results. Kinda like Tindr. You then give your paper to the hosts and they check to see if match is mutual, if not too bad for you there's plenty of fish in the sea, pun intended.

On the ship, alcohol drinks are extra and are about $9 to $15 for a drink plus gratuity.

For those who have not been on a cruise, you are given a 'Seapass' card when you check in (same as hotel room swipe cards), they take your picture (for security and internal purposes) and add your credit card if you want to be billed using your credit card for purchases, this card is also used as a key to enter your cabin, use it to buy stuff on your account and for entry/exit when you are at ports. It's like the card you get at hotels.

Most cruises offer an alcohol beverage package, this cruise did not, it only had a classic beverage package which includes bottled water and coffees at the cafe (which is worth to buy if you drink a lot of water and enjoy good coffee like I do). There's also the Premium Beverage Package which includes better bottled water; Evian, shakes, coffee's, Vitamin Water etc. Price ranges from $160 to $190 for the 10 days. Close to the end of the cruise I was upgraded to the Premium Beverage package.

During your cruise you can book Excursions. Since I didn't have the time to research prior to departure as it was last minute or had the list of excursions to choose from prior to, I really didn't know which excursion to take because at some ports there were many to choose from and if it was worth doing at some ports and not so much in other places. I have to admit, the Malta excursion was a waste of money. I didn't do an excursion in Sicily, Ibiza, Monte Carlo, or Naples. I did an excursion in Rome, Malta and Florence. I did get off the ship in Sicily and walked around close by, was given attitude by a woman in a store for not having change for my bottled water, I only had a 20, I'm a tourist and off a ship,alight, give me a break!). The Shore Excursion staff was there just to make your purchase, they didn't know anything about the excursions, could of been done on our own without a human. Which was frustrating. I choose the wrong one in Rome, the one I selected was a bus tour and while doing the excursion I realized I should of choose the walking one. Rome was just amazing, so much to see and can only be appreciated by walking, not sitting on the bus, the only time we were off the bus was when we did a brief 1 hour stop at the Vatican. I will definitely return one day and really appreciate Rome, and I head you need a few days to see it all, even a week. I was fascinated.

The excursion in Florence was okay. But because my cabin was dark, the roommate and fling where still asleep from being out some deck all night, because it was dark I couldn't see my clothes, so I accidentally picked a dirty black shirt and wore it in scorching hot weather. I was also hung over from the night before. People were buying me drinks and for some psychologically insane reason I ordered a double shot drink before the Deborah Cox show on the cruise. She did a good show. It was the only show worth watching on the cruise. Everything else was mediocre. I can do without drag shows? Why does gay have to be all about drag and over effeminate? The comedy shows seemed like it was done by gay angry men, it was horrible, I  walked out after the first act. And I looooove comedy! I know comedy and that wasn't comedy, what do you expect on a cruise, I guess. Cheap crap for your expensive cruise.

Back to Italy, the police officers in Florence are different..they blend in with society and seem more civilized and much better looking. Oh trust me,I have a picture of one too.

A few times I was invited to dinner at the Blu Dining Room, it costs extra if you're not in the higher end $16k room package. And those who are in those cabins can invite one guest. After dining there, I am pleased to say for those who didn't want to pay the extra, they were not missing much, actually the service wasn't great and the food was the same in the other restaurants. But it's a place where people felt better to dine in. Whatever rocks your boat and whatever makes you feel special. It didn't make me feel special. (Bitter much?)

Now I dread..onto the room mate thing...My room mate was a 42 year old who like myself never went on a gay cruise before but has done regular cruises with his parents (???? A 40 year old cruising with parents). Like myself, the motherfucker booked last minute, if he had not I would of had the room to myself because I didn't have a roommate when I called to book. The reason why I put emphasis on that is because my time on the ship was partly ruined because of sharing with this dumb twat.

I've been prescribed a very low dosage of Lorazapam for anxiety, which aids to sleep and I rarely use it. There were about 20 pills in the bottle prior to leaving on this vacation. Because of this room mate and him coming into the cabin at various hours late late night, it raised my anxiety levels, how can anyone sleep knowing someone will be coming in and out or unexpected all night. The most dosage I've ever taken before this cruise was 1 pill (0.5 mg) but again very seldom for sleep purposes only. On this cruise, on many occasions I had to take 3 pills and that's when he invited his boy toy over. TO CUDDLE AND SLEEP RIGHT BESIDE ME on his twin size bed, 3 inches away.

On top of that he snored like a bull dozer. 

Now, here I am thinking okay perhaps I've got a pickle up my ass, a butt plug or a turnip, none of which would fit, why am I so raveled up about this? Well, I am not in my 20's anymore, I am not a party animal anymore (I've over done that in my 20s to last me a lifetime), and if I don't get at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep it ruins my fuckin day. And it's about respect. And for $4000 you EXPECT BETTER, you have higher expectations. And $4000 was just for only the cabin, excluding excursions, beverage package, alcoholic drinks on board, hotel in Spain and airfare. Total price : $6200 for one person!! I must sound really stupid after you read I just spent that much. No really. It was an impulse purchase.

I was already missing my aid in sleep..In addition the lack of beauty sleep I needed but didn't get due to those pests, I am one of those people who needs a fan blowing at night (not a blow job, a FAN!) (and there has been times when I just wanted to shove a fan up his ass), the sound and air blowing is very comforting and something I got accustomed since I was young and can not do without and I brought one of those mini table fans with me, however I broke it in my Barcelona hotel room when I plugged in the European 2 pong plug (you could just use a 2 pong thing converter to plug into the outlet, depending on the voltage), I should of used a full converter.

Call me crazy, but I didn't want to be sleeping beside two people who were sharing a twin size bed, 3 inches away when the room and beds were small as is, who does that?  "he he let's cuddle on this little bed beside this guy from Canada..hehe.". But on this cruise my sleep was always interrupted by this twit. When he brought over his boy toy the first time to cuddle in the middle of the night, I said myself ARE YOU TWO SHIT HEADS FOR REAL???  And I didn't expect it to happened again. Low and behold, on another night at around 4:30am the two clowns came in, and low and hehold I was awaken by slurps. I was facing the other way. Suddenly I heard loud slurping sounds. And I said to myself, " WTF! What a bunch of douche bags!"  This is not happening right not. The boy toy was giving the dumb twat a blow job and lucky for me and unlucky for him there was no happy ending. What shit heads! Maybe they were doing this because they wanted me to join in (sarcasm)..the thought of that just made me gag.  But for them it was being selfish, inconsiderate and not an ounce shame nor class. You'd think someone in his 40s would known better. And if you're doing this shit in your 40s???  Really??  LOSER is written all over you and absolutely no moral compass. I wouldn't of done that in my 20s.

The cruise itself, as in Celebrity Cruises, was excellent. The staff (other than Guest Relations and Excursions, useless) were very attentive and worked hard. And the highlight of the cruise was the food, besides the excursions. I'm a picky eater and for me to say this says a lot, the food on this cruise had everything for everyone. It was delicious and something I will miss. Sadly, those are the only things I will miss about the cruise.

The cruise had a mix of people from all walks of life. Mostly people with perfect Adonis bodies sunbathing around the pool in their speedo's with their donkey dongs popping through (nothing was left out to imagination it was right there in your face...well, not literally). The gay boys on the ship were about money, clothes and body.

And then there those who walked around as if money was no object. Me, on the other hand, I was happy to learn they put aside 1 hour for social hour for those like myself who didn't mind paying cheaper for drinks, well, the typical price, $4 to $6/drink during social hour and not the cruise typical of $10 to $15 plus gratuity. That's right, you're forced to pay for tip as it's included and the receipt said feel free to pay more if deserved.

Majority of the people on the ship were in their 30's and older. There were plenty of the sugar daddies and their "boys".  Which I found intriguing and sad, the sugar daddies never look happy and looked lonely even though they had a boy toy accessory at their side, being in a so called relationship with someone 20yrs or so younger than you, that's for them to hang out and pretend to be in a relationship while the boy toy tramps around bathhouses or while on the cruise with other men? Sure, it happens in the straight world..cougars (ahem..Madonna), but it says a lot about someone, their self esteem, self respect and dignity. Sure, it would be nice to have my bills paid if I were that boy toy, if you want to pay off this cruise from my credit card, I'll suck your dick, email me, I would thank you in so many ways. And a tummy tuck would be nice too. Hell, fuck the cruise...just pay for my tummy tuck and I'll give blow jobs before and after. But just to let you know I don't eat ass.

But I did meet someone who seemed decent until he dumped my ass after I told him and I could be friends...

I met a 52 year old (looked younger) from San Francisco and we got along really well (which says a lot because my luck in Toronto has not been good, mainly because I'm using the net) we even did an excursion together, we always had something to talk about, one night we talked for hours, but I just wanted be friends, as soon as I said that he disappeared. I never saw him again. I called his room one day, he already met another man. I didn't care and I sincerely say this...Oh well, his If you know your worth, you can easily walk away and move on to the next person who deserves you.

On a different note, back to the room mate thing, I'm one not to put up with shit. BUT in my case with this guy, I didn't speak up because of the situation, I dealt with it for whatever reason but I should of said something. I know the cruise was not going to change my room, well the so-called Guest Relations offered this;  an instate room (no window, no balcony) for more money (why would I want a lesser room, even pay more on top of the outrageous amount I already paid for) or share with someone else in a lesser room and move my services (so-called Concierge). But I didn't do that because I didn't want to give that dumb twat the power and his own room nor the satisfaction.

But this is what I should of really done...for all that money I spent on this cruise  I could of planned a major multi city tour of Europe. I would of seen a lot more places. I could of done without the cruise and crap, done without the dumb twat and boy toy cuddling and slurping beside me. And I am not one just to sit in the sun and lounge all day, didn't care for the entertainment and the gay crap.

Anyway, back to the cruise..I started to pack 2 days before the end of the cruise. I was ready to get off that damn gay ship. I had enough with gay. Depending on when your situation, people departed at various times, starting at 6:30am. Which is why I wanted to go to sleep early. YOU GUESSED IT another sleepless night. The dumb twat room mate didn't pack most of his stuff. He packed later in the night because he felt left out if he didn't go for drinks the night before, so he finished packing while I was sleeping, slamming everything as if...and if I wasn't there sleeping.

And because of that, my flight back home was difficult and a pain.

The cruise arrived at 6am, I took the shuttle bus ($40 extra) to get to the Barcelona airport, and this time I was early...3 hours early. And it was damn hot in the Barcelona airport. I was sweating so much that I had to change clothes in the baby parent diaper change room, whatever you call them. I checked in and the Air Canada agent asked me if I was willing to stay an extra night in Barcelona, if so, Air Canada will pay for my hotel and give me spending money, I don't know if I heard him correctly but I think he said $600 which sounds a lot. I respectively declined. I was ready to go home and I was tired from lack of sleep that night, I was tired. Then suddenly my luggage was over by 2 lbs so he had to charge me $100 for it, but he was nice enough to put a Priority sticker on my luggage, which is used for 1st class/Business/(Premium Economy in this case) passengers, it means your luggage is put on the baggage belt first when you arrive at your destination, which saves time, especially on a full flight of 280 people.

Shit..if I knew Air Canada would of been that greedy charging me an extra $100 for 2lbs of extra baggage I would of taken that bath robe from the closet in my cabin

I had very rough time on the airplane. I was really cranky that when I got to my seat on the plane and needed to put my carry on in the storage above my seat which  was supposed to be for the seat below, someone's carry-on was already there . So I asked people and no one claimed it, I got fed up and said if the person doesn't move their luggage I'll move it for them, that's when the Flight Attendant stepped in and moved it. Why wasn't I that aggressive with the dumb twat room mate?

My suggestion to anyone who travels, get proper sleep before going on the plane otherwise it will be one bad long flight and if you had shared your room with a dumb twat loser just dump his sorry ass overboard...OPPS!

On the plane, I was looking at my watch every hour on the hour..."shit 6 more hours"..."fuck man 5 more hours..seriously??" "any slower 4 more hours!!!"..."how about making those engine go faster".

I have to add this because I give credit when due, there was a couple with their toddler in the middle section beside me, and they were the most considerate parents I've seen, especially traveling on the plane. The father held the toddler during the entire 9 hours of flight from Barcelona to Toronto, he made sure the baby and wife were comfortable, took care of the child so that the child wouldn't cry. He seemed a good husband and father. I mention this because I've been a plane sitting beside parents who didn't give a rats ass if their kids made noise, let them cry, scream and all that monkey stuff if they could. And even off the plane, day to day people just don't teach their kids manners or respect. Parents don't realize it makes them look like a lousy parent.

I looked at my watch again,"OMG 3 more hours, what the hell!!"...and that's when the guy beside me started a conversation ( I was sitting in aisle seat, plane was 2-3-2 seats). And we chatted up a storm..told him about my experience, he told me Atlantis is known for those type of cruises and told me about another gay cruise RSVP. And the 3 hours was done.

Will I go on a cruise again? Maybe. But I'm one of those people who likes experience new things. So it's very unlikely.


I'm over it!


WIND Mobile ~ The never ending hassle

I noticed the very enticing plans Wind Mobile has $40 for All Inclusive service. So I thought I should give them a try. BIG MISTAKE But god kept pushing me back..and I swear I heard "Noo, my child...stay away..if not I will make it difficult for you and you will see the troubles as an indication to stay clear from them."

I could be stubborn at times and I ignored the signs.

It might be cheap, but the customer service is...for the lack of better explicit words...CRAP!

I've had service and experience with numerous wireless companies in my time; Rogers, Bell, Koodo, Mobilicity, Fido, Virgin Mobile and now Wind Mobile.

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In Memoriam: My Safta (Grandmother) (Revised)

When some keep it private, I am posting my memoriam to my grandmother because I wanted to share with the world how much my grandmother meant to me.

As young as I can remember I loved visiting my grandmother.

She was a 2nd mother to me. So caring and motherly.

Always made sure I was taken care of.

When I was sick she would nurse me back to health.

When I was in trouble she was there for support.

When I was young and on my own struggling she would slip me $20 bills keeping it secret from my grandfather who was conservative with money, even though I never asked.

When I got myself into trouble, she got me out.

She's been through a lot in her life. Much worse than I. She knew how it was to be in dire straights, she survived the Holocaust.

I always had great respect and affection for her.

My grandparents were my family when my parents moved to the US in 1999, their home was a place to escape to when I was lonely or needed support. I'd call them weekly to see how they were doing.

And my grandmother, she always without hesitation welcomed me with open arms. Always hospitable and made me comfortable.

She loved me no matter what.

I always felt accepted and never neglected.

There was always a place in her heart for me.

My grandfather was immobile for years, my grandmother took care of him, cleaned him, changed him and cared for him.  And she always cleaned and kept her home immaculate. That was her nature. And she never left his side. That's how caring and selfless she was.

My grandmother was a strong woman, had a couple mild heart attacks but never complained.

In 2004, while being wheeled in from surgery lying on the hospital bed she saw me in the waiting room and said, "Joey, I am okay don't worry". She never ever wanted people to feel sorry for her.

Whenever she was in the hospital I was always there by her side. Just like how she was there for me. She told me she met god and he told her not her time yet.

She had mild Alzheimer's before my uncle died, when he died in 2008 her mental condition got worse. Two years later in 2010 my grandfather died, her Alzheimer's had become much worse. She sat in front of the TV and would stare. She would just say a few things, I always asked her how she was, she always say she's good. She lost most of her memory and only remembered a few people, but always remembered who I was.

A week ago my grandmother wasn't feeling well, but never said anything, she looked ill so my mother took her to the hospital.  Tests showed she had a tumor blocking her stomach. And days later had an operation to remove it. It was a very risky long 4 hour surgery, fortunately the doctors told us the cancer did not spread, we were all so relieved and looked forward to her coming back home, and like always she was a fighter, but this time she lost the fight.

She didn't know what was going on, kept saying that she's okay and not sick and wanted to go home, she asked me if she can come to my home. It was so difficult to watch her in pain.

The day after the surgery, I was at the hospital visiting like every day prior, my grandmother was in more pain and kept asking why were the tubes so tight in her stomach, I kept saying to her it's because she had surgery, she didn't understand why.  She'd pause then asked again. She also kept asking if my mother lived in the hospital I had to say yes to calm her down. She always wanted my mother at her side. When my mother too a break from watching her, my grandmother found the strength to get herself out of the bed and rip the tubes out, managed to get herself up and into the hallway looking for my mom. The nurses at first did not watch her.

That was the last time I saw her alive.

On the way home I planned to stop by the hospital to visit her but I didn't because I thought she was going to be home soon. I didn't expect her to get much worse so fast.

For some reason I didn't stop by the hospital that day.

The same day, I got a phone call from mother who's been at my grandmother's side night and day and said my grandmother had an infection, she had complications from the surgery which the doctors warned us about.

Things got much worse.

My grandmother had mucous in her system. She then had problems breathing and they put her on a respiratory machine. The doctors had to drain the mucus in her lungs by putting a tube down her throat but my grandmother didn't want it, she was dealing with enough pain. My mother told the nurses to get the doctor, 5 mins later which felt like hours she told the doctors she'll hold her up and they try to put the tube in, they tried and tried. My mother kept trying to bring her back, the doctors tried to look for a pulse on my grandmother but they couldn't find it, my mom kept holding her, calling her name, my grandmother's head leaned on my mom's chest as she was holding her, crying saying we could do this. It was too late.The doctors said "I'm sorry but she's gone". They saw how determined my mother wanted to help and save my grandmother that they had tears.

Shortly after my mother called me and told me my grandmother died. I rushed to the hospital..

As I approached the room, everything seemed like slow motion, and there she was life selfless to lifeless in the bed, I couldn't contain myself, tears just poured. I knew her time was going to come soon, but not so quick. I wanted to see her before she left us.

As I left the hospital, tears mixed with rain, as if it washed away my sorrow, taking away the pain. So many memories I cherished raced though my mind.

There are only good memories of my grandmother. As I look at pictures of her and reminiscence of the past, more tears. She meant so much to me.

The day of the funeral, they had rain in the forecast but the dark clouds burst into a perfect sunny sky. Like the warmth she graced. And then a bird flew up above and took flight.

A verse that matches to that sight came to mind and with meaning (as gay as it sounds);

Fly, fly, fly high against the sky, so high almost touch the sky. Thank you, thank you, thank God for you, the wind beneath my wings.

She would sit at the same spot when she lived at my parents home, no longer there, it hurts.

It's difficult to say good-bye, we all wish we can hold on to the people we love and never let them go.

But there is a time where we have to say good-bye and know that they're in a better place.

R.I.P Safta. Love You. You'll forever be in my heart.


Wait forever to be served

Excuse me if I sound like a bitch, well no. Let's NOT EXCUSE ME, but here's my biggest pet peeve is when you go to a store and wait in line and there's only one or two cashiers. The line up to cashier ratio is totally off. The line is long or and you're waiting forever and the cashiers don't call for more help. Or when you're waiting in line and the cashier is chatting away with a customer. So, depending on the day I can be outright blunt or just stand there like most Canadians and be passive about it. Today was one of those days I was outright blunt. I went to HomeSense to buy ONE thing. HomeSense is like HomeGoods in the USA and part of the TJ Max company. Anyway, I am standing in line and I wait and wait. One cashier is chatting away the other just finished with a customer and helps another employee with another customer who just walks in.

So I said out loud "Hello, there are people waiting here and you're chatting away. I don't got all day to buy ONE thing".  The customer and employee look at me with their mouths wide open all shocked and the cashier responds telling me they're chatting about business. YOU'RE chatting about duvets, I CAN HEAR YOU!! Buy the fuckin duvet and move on or go ask the sales rep on the floor about duvets, people are waiting to LEAVE!

Perhaps it was my inner child coming coming out "Hello, notice me, can you not see me??". But I'm passed the stage, I did that crap in my 20's. It's about the horrible customer service at these stores. And trust me I know a lot about customer service. What kind of cap is that? that someone goes to a store and waits forever to buy something from THEIR store, that we're giving them business but have to wait. It's bullshit! But hey, they're cashiers,I guess you don't need any type of customer service skill or brains.  They don't thing that people are waiting, maybe I should quit chatting. Or people are waiting maybe I should call for more help. Nooooooo! That's too smart for them. Or supervisors/management need to schedule more employee's. better or delegate.

A lot of times if I have to wait forever I put all my things at the side and walk out. But there are times I talk myself out of that and say "okay, I am here I might as well just say something about it and hopefully something is done."

But here were are  customers, whether we call into a call centre or or walk into a store, pay for services and goods but have to wait to be served. What the hell is up with that???  Go to your mom and pop's store because they appreciate customers much more than these big name stores.

Before I left, I said "Looks like you need to hire more people, I may know people who need a job.".

Maybe I am writing this post because I feel cranky due to the fact that I fried chicken today and ate it and feel like a greasy nasty big fat butterball chicken right now. Because lately every Thursday I've been frying chickens. What am I insane?  THIS NEEDS TO STOP and NOW!

OR maybe it's because my mouth is sore from my tooth being pulled out?

Oh yea, if you want to look young have sex daily. And that, obviously I am not doing, so I am looking old.

Masturbation does not count.


No subject blog entry

This blog is not all that exciting, just small stuff. For some odd and fucked up reason I've been cooking fried goods lately, perhaps it's the small T-Fal Fryer I recently got for another fucked up reason because I'm a health nut. And after I eat these heart attack foods that I cook up I can literally feel my arteries tightening up squeezing and pulling and squeezing and I begin to feel all sluggish. It's a disgusting feeling, really . I saw a program some recipe for fried pickles and chicken, so I tried it out.  And it turns out, I am not the greatest cook or the recipe is not that great, because it wasn't as good as those cooks made it to be.."mmmm,", but again it's a cooking show and besides those cooking shows with judges do you ever hear them say 'damn that's awful', right?  The fried stuff, too greasy for my why did I do it??? Just wanted to change things up a bit, go wild and crazy, because god knows last time I was odd and crazy was in my 20's and that involved toxic and deadly chemicals. Always the same old boring food. Gonna bring the fried veggies and pickles to family for this Passover dinner thing. Because today I felt like my heart was going to pop out of my chest when I was on the treadmill doing the highest incline and 3.4 speed. I have to say the gym downstairs isn't the greatest.

Oh the recipe called for;  throw a chicken in a bag with with pickle juice, keep it in there for 2 hours to overnight. Take some flour, (I used whole wheat flour because after the vegetable oil and frying it I thought I could save some blood spike with whole wheat flour instead of regular flour) and butter milk and take that chicken and dump it into both, butter milk then flour obviously, and then bathe it in the fryer.  Then because there's no more pickle juice in the jars, throw the pickles in the fryer too (it was nasty). It was zoo salty I gagged. And I only gag when I do one thing...ahem...anyway...

I have a nice elliptical which I had in my living room in my other place but since I've moved into a tiny ass condo, it's sitting in my 'den' which I am currently using as a storage room. It's getting better though. I'm removing the boxes and stuff .But until then it sits there.

Ever since moving into a smaller but more expensive place it took time to adjust. Especially the tiny bedroom, I am used to a 18'x14' ft size room, this one is 13x11. I feel confined. I know that feeling all too well and I hate it. Brings back horrible memories. I shouldn't be complaining about a condo to some jail cell. So, because I spoil my dogs, as they have  6 beds, yes you read correctly six beds for 2 dogs. It takes up a lot of floor space in my room. I treat my dogs very well and spoil them a lot because they're amazing dogs. And everyday I am grateful for that. I do that with people too. I am very kind and giving to people I like, but piss me off and I'm a devil.

I don't mind the living room and kitchen being smaller because it's just my dogs and I, I just need new furniture since this new dig is a higher end place.  I was thinking of putting the elliptical machine which is 55"x 22" inches into the living room but it will take up too much space and look odd and block the gorgeous view.

Just recently I listened to Madonna's new album, of all the tracks there is only one I liked, 'Girl Gone Wild'. The rest either have lyrics I couldn't bear listening to or the tunes were just to my liking. Some of the songs sounded like other stuff. Speaking of Madonna, I know her secret to looking youthful. She does fullers. She injects her face with fullers, they're about $1500 per session and they make your face more fuller and youthful and lasts about a year. In case, you want to do it. Me? I've been looking old lately. Lack of sex. Yup.

So, so far in case I've bored you I've touched on my new place, Madonna, spoiled dogs, and oh I like watching real estate shows; HouseHunters, Million Dollar Listing: New York, For Rent and Property Virgins. And having said all what I like you'd think I'm writing up an ad for some useless dating site. Maybe I should cut and paste.

If there's more to add to my senseless and meaningless blog I will edit.

Sky High

Since there's been a lot of things happening right now, I've not been active on my website. Posting articles of interest. TO be honest, why do I even have this site? It used to be some outlet of some sort. I used to post write blogs all the time. I just moved into a new place. Before moving in here I was living in an old apartment building (built in the 60's). Even though it was a big apartment it had a  lot of problems and I hated the owner, I was getting sick of the area too. I get bored easily. There were a lot of things that needed to be replaced and the owner bribed and would only replace the 1960's sparkle counter top, and metal kitchen cabinets and nasty bathroom flooring if I signed another lease. I said HELL NO!

So I looked at about 150 different condos over 2 months in Mississauga, Toronto, Scarborough and Markham area. I think I've spent about $500 in gas and drove about 2000 km's or so in my car driving around searching for 'that' condo. I've met a lot of realtors, one was an asshole, the rest were nice. And have seen all shapes and And I ended up here. I was about to move into one at the Lakeshore in the Mimico area more west side, but  as soon as I was ready to move in I backed out and cancelled the agreement. As I was about to move in, it was nearly impossible to move in. Security couldn't arrange it with me, even tough they had a list of people moving in, I had to contact management but because it was a Thursday they turned off their phones and ignored the calls.

So, I called up the realtor and cancelled my lease and was refunded (it's totally different when dealing with realtors than ordinary apartment buildings). Since he's a licensed realtor he didn't hesitate canceling it (if I filed a complaint with the real estate board he would of went through a lot of shit). But for some reason I think he knew that the management at that building was difficult to deal with.

Besides, the condo was on the 2nd floor facing the street and there was hardly if any any storage or cabinets. It was bigger than where I live now, I loved the den. But oh well. God didn't think it was a good idea. He watches out for me. And that's all I believe in, is god. So even though I backed out, I just wanted to know why I was given the run around. I managed to get in hold of the contact person who I left messages for and no calls were returned. And she made up all sorts of excuses, that she was sick. And I asked why did I speak to someone who said to call her but the voicemail had his voice on it and his number was forwarded to her voicemail, she couldn't answer.  I feel sorry for anyone else who wants to move into that building, to go through the crap I did. Not like moving was stressful already.

But before all this, I actually had plans to move last year but held off until now. So for two months I actively looked for a new place, I searched and searched and searched, literally. The layouts and sizes of the units were not what I was looking for nor to my liking or the condo's gave me a bad vibe (either the type of people who lived there, the fitness facilities, and the area were also factors). Some places were a jungle, over crowded with certain immigrants etc. So, since that condos are renting almost the same price as old bigger regular apartments built 50-60 years ago just like the one I was living at, why not rent a small ass condo which is newer, has amenities , washer/dryer.  They don't' build condo's like they used to, 10 years ago when the demand wasn't high condos were built much bigger. These days the new condos are so small they can be called walk in closets. Some owners rent out older condos with really nasty outdated appliances, old and apartment like quality like my previous old building, if they're going to charge so much for it, at least upgrade but because the market value is at that price why not rent it out with what it's going at, I don't get that.

Developers will find the smallest piece of land  in Toronto and build a condo.. It seems like there's a condo going up every day and everywhere, that corner beside the parking lot, behind the highway, literally feet away beside the highway??? I would drive by and notice that "Holy shit, that little space a condo is going up?? Wow.' And they're building them small and expensive. For example, where I live now, there's a notice saying that developers are planning of building 2 new towers north of here. And I am like where, there's only a small area between here and the other condos? I guess they'll cut those tree's down and find space.

I don't get why someone would buy a condo. For someone to actually buy and live in a condo, in my opinion is stupid as opposed to buying and being a landlord. It's a waste of money. Why would you buy a place that is not really yours? There are rules and regulations etc, condo fee's. And all that. Naw. And for about  670 st feet it in this building it goes for $300,000.  If you go downtown Toronto price goes up to $400,00 or even $500,000 for even a smaller unit.

For once in a long time I have unobstructed view, I leave my blinds open without worrying who's looking in. I walk around naked in the morning. I'm a very private person when it comes to my living space. When a stranger comes into my place I feel like they're invading my space and I feel violated for some reason. Call me weird but hey, that's me. It's the freedom of enjoying your space without any building in front of you or having to shut the blinds all the time. And that's hard to come by in Toronto since condos are being built everywhere. Well, that and the fact that I live on a very high floor, just going on to the balcony makes me dizzy. But my dogs love going out there, they love looking down through the glass.

But there's one thing that I don't like, well, two. The fact that I am directly above the highway so every time I open the balcony door or window it sounds like a beehive. And two, the bedroom is tiny.

So it took a few days to adjust, I no longer live in an old building with king kong above me who kept on shaking the ceiling when he walked.  The area is very nice and the condo isn't overcrowded like the other's I've been to. The management have been try helpful and accommodating  and I was able to schedule my move in with the security!!

Without bragging, I think having a ensuite washer/dryer in your own place is a luxury. Loooove it!! There's also a dishwasher but I rarely use it. Funny, a couple of weeks ago I went to Costco to buy those dishwasher tablets, 190 of them. I bring them home and I said to myself? Why? I rarely do the dishes they will last for years. I am used to, and I won't break my habit of washing the dishes after I used them. It's only me, I don't have a family here. Waste of washer and energy consumption.

I have very different neighbors here. My next door, literally next door neighbor, the cute guy, probably thinks I am a snob because I rarely say Hi. Nothing personal. I have my moments. I can be overly friendly, depends on the person. My neighbor down the halls is also very friendly. The chinese lady, she's an older lady, I see her husband all the time in the gym downstairs.

Well, that's it for now. Gotta put the wet laundry in the dryer.

In relation to the Whitney Houston story (revised)

I can relate to the Whitney Houston story and I am not rich nor famous. There are many other non rich and famous peoples lives who ended like Whitney's.

Whitney Houstons death saddens me not because I am a fan which I am not, even though I think she had immense talent, but because I can relate to her story and my life could of ended like how hers did. Another thing about this is that it could of been prevented. Along with the other celebrities and ordinary people who die from prescription overdose.

My story in a nutshell;  my self-destructive lifestyle started in the year 2000, a downward spiral that broke me down into pieces. A girl I met back then introduced me to drugs (who I also allowed to use me for years for the drugs, I was buying her out for friendship) and I became addicted for five years. I partied hard, almost every day and because of it I lost really good jobs and wasted lots of money on my bad habits. I've also done things to support it and along with the addictions it brought on a whole lot of other problems.

Not only did I do the illegal kind, but months leading to the 11 months of intensive 'rehab' it was then I  became addicted to prescription drugs, I didn't care of the outcome, I had so many demons, it destroyed me. I managed to get painkillers from my doctor. And like Whitney's addiction I also mixed prescription drugs; Valium, Lorzapam, Percocets and Morphine with alcohol (not all at once). One time I took oxycontin and percocets together, taking them both is lethal because they're powerful painkillers. I did all that to mellow out and fall asleep from the high being up all night to 7am.

No one took me to the side and said "hey, you've got an addiction, you need help". I drank 1.14 litres of vodka a night 3 or more times a week and stayed up to the wee hours of the morning most times to 8am. I was so messed up I reached an all time low. I was not in peace with myself nor did I love myself to stop the self sabotage, I didn't think I deserve anything good in life, the voices in my head that had been in scripted  since I was a kid.

I would show up to work with major hangovers, and call in sick many times. There wouldn't be a weekend that would go by without suffering from a hangover. My addiction got out of control that while clubbing I caused scenes and I was an ass.

I was the only one that realized I had to sought help before it was too late. Something within me yearned for help, in a way to be saved, I didn't want to end up dead. I knew that if I didn't get that help at that given time I would be six feet under.

Why did I want the help ? What did I have to live for? I ruined everything. I thought I didn't deserve a good life. I didn't have a family (kids etc). My family (parents and sister) lived in the US  at the time, they never came around nor even called.

My addictions got worse, I started to have liver problems, was hospitalized, many times vomited blood, I engaged into risky behavior for which I should be blessed that I'm STD free and above all that I've been incarcerated. My weight fluctuated up and down and all that took a toll a toll on my body at the time. But things and people bounce back.

The 'devine intervention' was a godsend. Someone up above was looking down and gave me the strength to fight those demons. The strength to carry me through. And it did.

And look, I am still around and  being sober never felt so good.

I've been clean for 6.5 years now, I have no inkling, no desire and no triggers whatsoever. As if I am a different person. The old Joey has been left behind. All my life experiences has enabled me to deal with life's challenges, the ups and downs, the stresses without the assistance of substances. My life experiences, my intense 'rehab' which I worked hard on myself made me a stronger person, I built myself up. And the daunting rehab wasn't one of those celebrity kind where you go for a retreat for a couple of weeks in a hosh posh cozy mansion. It was institutionalized 11 months of intense hard work and it wasn't easy.. I had to open to share my feelings with other men, and that was difficult because of trust issues. It took a lot of soul searching, bravery and perseverance to successfully combat the addiction.

Not everyone is as fortunate, months after I left I heard that those who I knew in there relapsed and have died from overdose.

I finally respect and take care of myself. I finally saw the light. As corny as it sounds, I knew that through those dark clouds there's always a sun that's hiding underneath it all.  I have my moments where I'm an ass. But most times I am grateful that I am still here, alive and healthy.

Well, I did suffer a concussion and root canal a few weeks ago.

But that's nothing compared to what I've been through.

I wish Whitney's story and every other person's story alike did not end the way it did. Whenever I hear these stores it really hits a chord and for some reason it affects me. Because it doesn't have to end the way it did. Only if they had the courage, strength and realization that there is hope.

All I know is that everything I've been through has turned me from a weak to much stronger person, which in turn is why I'm cured from any addiction.

So if you know anyone who has an addiction, if you really care for that person enough, stand up to them and get them help, because if they don't they will end up dead sooner than later.

Canada's Health Care: "If it's your time to go, it's your time to go." (edit)

I've managed to get an urgent appointment with a neurologist since voicing my concern. But really, do patients have to fight the system? I've heard enough stories that made me take action to seek further consultation. My condition may be something that will go away or maybe it's something that's serious. I cannot function without taking some type of pain killer such as Aleve or Tylenol and for me, it's not the norm. The moral of the story  is stand up and speak up, and fight the system! I must of been tired and stressed that day.

When I bent down to put on my dogs harnesses on ( I don't use collars around neck cruelty thing), I hit my head hard against an entrance piece in my apartment.

It was so hard hit that I had a big huge bump on my forehead.

Days after I started to feel nauseous  and dizzy all the time. Then it got worse. I went to my doctor and she recommended that I go to the Emergency at a hospital to get a CT Scan because if she were to schedule it, it could take a couple weeks. When I don't feel right it's my body trying to tell me to do something about it. But Canada's health care system  is a joke.

I went to the Emergency and I waited and waited and waited for 4 hours. It wasn't busy, I've seen it much more busy. I was there from 2:45pm to 7pm then from 9:30 to 11:30pm. At 6 pm after waiting 3.5 hours I was finally taken into the Purple Zone at Sunnybrook Hospital. They have different zones depending on your condition.

I then waited some more and they took me to bed. I asked the rude clerk how long more did I have to wait I've been waiting for 4 hours. She gave me attitude and said something rude, so I reacted and said "Don't you forget it's people like me, taxpayers that pay your salary."

I was finally seen by some doctor, from what I've seen he's either a crappy doctor or just finished his degree and became a doctor.

He scheduled for a CT Scan, I asked how long will it take for me to get it. He said it could take an hour and half. I said I had to go and come back and couldn't wait that long because my dogs had to be taken out, it was already 630pm and I take them out at 5pm. I am not into animal cruelty by making them suffer as they've not been taken out since 830am. Most people don't get it.

The doctors timing was way off and within 2 minutes I was taken to get a CT Scan.

When it was all done, I couldn't wait for the results. I said I had to leave and come back. After they hesitated, I left. They were supposed to have me sign a release form so they won't be reliable for anything that could happen to me. But they didn't. No Surprise.

At 8:30pm I called in for the results and the doctor explained in medical terms what the results showed. Something about me having an artifact in my head and that there's "unlikely" bleeding.  UNLIKELY??? So if it's unlikely why don't they have me take more tests? The doctor was not supposed to provide me results over the phone, but he did.

But I decided to drive all the way back to the hospital to pick up the results to give to my doctor.

I got there and told that bitchy nurse which I later learned gave trouble to my family the day my grandfather died at the same hospital. I was feeling like shit and waited some more. I saw the doctor walk in and she didn't even tell him I wanted the results. So I went in and asked her if she did. She went on a bitchy fit and complained to her co-workers about me "This guy was here earlier left and came back..."and whatever else, I heard her complaining in the room beside me.

Are you fuckin' serious??? Was it so hard to give me a sheet of paper and out I went? Or does she have no life and likes to cause a stir for no real reason. If it was me, I would be like here's the results, bye. But she's obviously likes to make other people's life difficult.

Then I saw her tell the doctor I was waiting. He said too bad.

I waited some more. and more and more. At 11:30 I finally went in and he handed my results.

I felt like I was in a prison. That's how they treat people in prison.

I then asked for that clerk's name and he said "I don't know who you talking about, sorry".

The next day I called and asked the name of that bitch, the asked some facilitator for her name, she said she'll find out and call me back. She never called me back.

Then I got creative and called again and spoke to some airhead guy and said "hi ,I was there yesterday and and dealt with some darker skinned woman with tight curls I just want to get her name because I want to compliment her he said "oh Pam??" yea her...I'll transfer  you to the woman with the tight you go"...

I was told I was to get a call back about my complaint. No one called me back.

My doctor hasn't recommended further tests. Even thought I've been feeling really ill. Last night I was awakened by sharp pains in the bottom of my mouth. I've been feeling faint and I need to take anvil all the time. I never need to. I don't get headaches ever. How I feel seems surreal because I've never felt this way before. I've been feeling this way for 3 weeks now.

I've made an appointment with my mother's doctor for Monday.

I know of 3 people who have died because of the doctors who were slow to react nor diagnose you correctly.

Our health care system motto should be "If your time to go, it's your time to go."

Stupid Toronto Drivers

I am losing my patience with Toronto drivers. They're either purposely trying to get into an accident or downright stupid. I've posted a few examples previously, another two today both in parking lots. As I was leaving Costco and backing out of my parking space, here comes a woman driving didn't want to stop as she tried to grab my parking spot, all because it was a few spots beside the entrance, she didn't' even give me a chance to turn away. I opened my window and yelled at her "Fuckin' wait til I am out of the spot you dumbtwat!!!" It may sound like I am an asshole but I only am towards idiots like that. I am not one to crosshairs with.

Then at another parking lot, I was backing out of the parking spot and some woman on her cell phone saw me backing out but didn't want to move her car she just stopped her wreck behind my car and because I couldn't be bothered, even though she was right behind me I was able to leave my spot without confronting her. I didn't want waste my energy with another idiot.

This happens daily, Toronto is getting worse and worse. People are getting worse and worse. And only in time I will move out of this city. Too many dumbtwats running around with their heads cut off.

Fuckin' Canadians! Or shall I say Immigrants.

And it's been in the news recently that people purposely try to get into an accident and commit insurance fraud. Of course these are the people who drive around wrecks.

Wounds Quote (Quote Rewind 2011)

Genähte Wunde am Rücken, vier Stiche. (sewed w... U can accept or reject the way U R treated by other people, but until U heal the wounds of UR past, U will continue 2 bleed. U can bandage the bleeding with food, with alcohol, with drugs, with work, with cigarettes, with sex, but eventually, it will all ooze through and stain UR life. U must find the strength 2 open the wounds, stick UR hands inside, pull out the core of the pain that is holding U in UR past, the memories, and make peace with them.

The Good and Bad in Everything

Let's see, I haven't posted a blog in awhile, this will be a short one. As I get older and wiser what I've learned about myself is the difference on how I handle situations and life in general.

Today, I parked my car on a busy street (Yonge St) while I went to my dentists appointment. Toronto is one of the worse places to drive. People here either don't know how to drive or they're afraid to.

One hour later as I left the building to my car I noticed a broken piece of  plastic chrome on the ground. Then I looked at my car and realized it was from my car, the entire driver's side mirror was damaged and hanging. Then I see a post card on my windshield with Canada Post written on it, it was one of those delivery cards. And I am saying to myself, is this for real because why would someone leave a delivery card, I had bad sleep last night so my brain was working %100.  I picked it up and it was a note from a Canada Post employee telling me he witnessed the car that took off my side mirror and the make and model of the car and his phone #.

I immediately called my insurance to report it then I called the number on the card to thank him for giving me information on the hit and run. He said he wondered if anyone would of called him, I said of course I would, he did a good thing. Not too many people would of done that. Especially in Toronto. Because really, Torontorians just suck. They're the worse drivers and are too consumed in their own world.

So, I made the situation into a positive one. An asshole damaged my car but a good person witnessed it and left me details. Besides, what's the point to be angry? It could of been much worse. and even if it was worse, that's what insurance is for. I am one of those types that likes to get things done right away, so after driving far to report the damage to the Collision Reporting Centre with police my car is now being repaired and needs a day, in the meantime I have a car rental til tomorrow, a big fat ass Sonata, it's like a boat. Not complaining, just being critical. Comforts me that I got the Fusion and not the Sonata.

So all, lesson here is being angry and pissed off doesn't help the situation it just makes it worse.

And I am too tired to write anymore, I had a long day.

Gonna watch HouseHunters International before bed.